Ask the Expert | How to be B2B E-Commerce Ready with ITC

播放Ask the Expert | How to be B2B E-Commerce Ready with ITC
December 07, 2022
02:27 PM - 02:27 PM UTC+8
Streamed atDecember 06, 2022
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About the Webinars

Alibaba Group and ITC are collaborating to support small businesses in their B2B e-commerce journey. In this webinar, Andrew Zheng, vice president of, shares insights and case studies on how small businesses can grow with B2B e-commerce. If you are looking: 1) to expand sales with B2B e-commerce or 2) want to start a new B2B e-commerce business watch this webinar to learn more on how to be B2B E- commerce Ready.

💡 During this technical webinar we talk about:

- Who should consider selling on B2B e-commerce and how to evaluate the readiness of a small business for B2B e-commerce?

- How to be B2B e-commerce ready?

- How does B2B e-commerce work? What are the common challenges to new joiners?

- How existing businesses can build resilience in a time of crisis?

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