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Andrea Vitiello
Davia Spa
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Davia Spa
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Succeed in ecommerce
Expand to global markets like a 24-7 online trade show

“Davia Spa is a tomato processing manufacturing company that works in this field with expertise and experience. Our administrative and production headquarters are located in Gragnano, Napoli in Italy. With full respect for nature and several years’ experience using cultivation and harvesting systems that are conventional and organic, Davia is able to safeguard the quality and genuineness of earth's produce.

Established in 1984, we have been in the food processing industry for 3 generations, handing down experience from father to son after starting as a small family business. Now it has grown into a reasonable sized company.

The change came when Davia met difficulties in marketing its products and it relied heavily on trade shows to market & sell the products, this was found to be ineffective. We were, at that moment, looking for a cost efficient way to go in to other markets. Finally, we found is a 24-7 online trade show for me. It's a marketplace that enable sellers to create a digital storefront and display it to online buyers. With’s easy-to-use product posting and mini-site functions I managed to post our hero products onto the platform, and created a mini-site for our company personally. With these tools, Davia is able to demonstrate its products on a global scale.” a more tenable option than trade fairs

“Partnering with the e-commerce platform is important for business that want to showcase their products to the world. It took us between 1 to 2 months to work out the system properly and we constantly check the message center which is easy to connect to. Many companies cannot survive purely by servicing their domestic markets and so they have to look outside of their home countries to try to expand the reach of their products. In previous decades the only way to do this was by attending trade fairs and exhibitions, this is obviously a very expensive pastime and in no way guarantees that your trade increases. For a fraction of the cost a company can partner with Alibaba and gain a reach for more extensive than that of a trade fair, all from the comfort of your office.”

From low expectations to serious inquires

“When speaking of our advantages I have to mention our production capabilities, terms and conditions on payment and logistics; it’s just like preparing leaflets and printouts for customers on trade shows.

I didn't expect much at first in terms of sales results, but then I started to receive serious inquiries and messages for our products, from buyers all around the world including from Russia, Germany, Egypt and Japan to name but a few. It turns out that Davia products are very well received on This gave us a lot of confidence and we decided to go all-in on and install it as our foremost digital channel for sales.

Now, Davia has listed all of its product lines onto and has a full-time e-commerce expert managing the company’s performance on We make a big effort to ensure the product posting and mini-site quality is always appealing to customers. We make a concerted effort to ensure inquiries from buyers are properly responded to, so that all potential customers would find out how amazing Davia products are.

So our thanks go to, the 24-7 online trade show that helped Davia business to grow from Italy to the world.”