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Lab Evolution
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Lab Evolution
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“Lab Evolution is an import - export company of reagents and laboratory equipment established in 2009. Our company’s team of experts (in the instrumentations and reagents market) carefully follows customers all over the world. Lab Evolution is able to offer all the most competitive and popular brands and the best quality products for your laboratory. Our company supports its customers flawlessly by providing the best solutions for individual needs, at unbeatable prices, and ensuring an accurate delivery time. 

My client base consists of customers from many countries, for example, the Middle East, China, Russia, and Australia. However, before we joined, our business reached fewer contacts because we were restricted to offline operations.”

Brand building through the mini-site

“Before we decided to try e-commerce platforms we used trade shows and exhibiting at trade shows is expensive. It costs a lot to prepare a trade show. And so, we wanted to break a new path for our business. came to my mind immediately, because it is the world’s largest B2B e-commerce platform. It has buyers from all over the world and you don't need to invest a lot to increase your visibility; it was worth a try. Also, most of our major competitors had joined Alibaba and I did not want to be left behind.

I believe that opportunity waits for no man and that you have to be prepared for it. There are a lot of great tools on the platform and I utilize them for all manner of reasons from building websites to marketing and management.

I have customized my mini-site on Alibaba with photos and videos, not only that, the product information score helps me make sure that it looks professional and helps the buyers connect with my business.”

40% of orders come from

“I personally manage the account and I receive about 100 inquiries every month. To make sure I don't lose any opportunities, I believe it's important to supply feedback and updates to contacts and immediately respond to their requests. With the Alibaba App, I can manage my business from anywhere. We have buyers from 40+ counties, it would be painful without the translation tools inside the messenger.

We joined Alibaba 4 years ago and it has brought us a lot of opportunities. I have carefully operated my business on Alibaba, therefore the overall result on is positive, 40% of our total orders come from and I have just closed a 1 million euro deal with a Russian buyer. Compare what we spend on, the investment is next to nothing.

We appreciate Alibaba's international worldwide presence and the opportunity of concluding b2b business relations around the globe as we look to evolve and enhance our international brand in order to gain a better reputation and ultimately, more orders.”