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Mohamed ELsayed Mohamed EI Anwar
General Manager
ISIS Company
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ISIS Company
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"We have got the largest order from worth $40,000 USD, which they anticipate doubling or even tripling in the coming year."
- Mohamed ELsayed Mohamed EI Anwar, General Manager of ISIS Company

Established in 1977, ISIS Company has grown a workforce of 450 employees dedicated to producing biodynamic, healthy agricultural products free from chemicals. Their product offerings include a diverse range of herbal tea, honey, spices, dates, fresh vegetables, and mangoes. With a remarkable 35% year-over-year growth rate, the company has solidified its position as a leading exporter in Egypt, with a 65% export rate, reaching 25 countries across the globe. Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands stand out as their top three export destinations.

One year ago, they embarked on a new venture by joining This strategic move allowed them to tap into a wealth of opportunities, drawing interest from around the world with 70 leads and securing 4 B2B customers. Their journey, however, has been met with hurdles. The challenge of maintaining business continuity in the face of potential contamination has been met head-on with the allocation of 1,000 hectares for organic farming. They also face the challenge of bridging the price gap between organic and conventional products, as consumers increasingly demand low prices. In response, they have encouraged a network of 2,000 farmers to adopt solar panels, reducing CO2 emissions and earning carbon credits to lower costs.

The company has received numerous customer requests, prompting them to adopt an insightful industry trend: understanding consumer needs to ensure the quality and appeal of their products. This customer-centric approach has led to significant orders, including their largest from worth $40,000, which they anticipate doubling or even tripling in the coming year.

Boasting an export volume of $20 million and the company is committed to raising awareness about the importance and benefits of biodynamic agriculture. They advise fellow suppliers to prioritize transparency in communication with customers. Reflecting on their experience with, they describe as wonderful and express their growing reliance on it, signaling a prosperous and expanding future for their business.


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