Italian female entrepreneur revives her business during pandemic with

Maria Francesca Aceti
Deltha Pharma Societa a Responsabilita Limitata
About the Company
Deltha Pharma Societa a Responsabilita Limitata
Health Care Products
Company Size:
11-50 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
Western Europe;Eastern Europe
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Succeed in ecommerce
“At 29 years old, I led the company to pay off huge debts, that's when people stopped questioning my abilities. ”

- Maria Francesca Aceti, CEO, Deltha Pharma Societa a Responsabilita Limitata


Deltha Pharma was founded in 2009 in Rome by a group of scholars, physicians, pharmacists, and researchers and now is one of the most popular Italian food supplement manufacturers. Maria Francesca Aceti's father was a doctor and he decide to invest some money in this company in 2009. That is the beginning of this company.

Life is full of surprises and challenges. After a few months, this company was near bankruptcy. Maria Francesca Aceti realized that she might be able to help her father, to reduce his losses to a minimal level, as she has studied some basics and knowledge of finance and economics at university.


She was only 28 years old when she took the charge of this company, it was really hard to build trust between the client and employees, and to negotiate the new partnership. Especially in a new field with no experience. Everything she can do is to grab every opportunity.

During the year she made many innovations. First of all, she bought many innovative raw materials for new products. And then, she hired some new young talents to work together. The pandemic has brought many challenges to their business. But luckily in 2019, she had already joined

Most Italian businesses were dramatically affected when offline sales stopped. But Deltha Pharma turned this difficulty into an opportunity by pushing digitalization into their business. Especially through digital marketing and marketplaces like During this period, there was a huge request for vitamins and products for the immune system.


By using, they are able to sell these products all over the world. The company started with two rooms in a family house, but now they have five employees and 40 contractors. Deltha Pharma develops high-quality food supplements made up of innovative and natural raw materials. It is committed to research design and development to fits supplements from raw materials to the final product. They are now the partner of Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore-Policlinico A. Gemelli, Rome, Italy clinical projects, and in the development of innovative supplements. This company is like her second baby, and that's why they can face all the challenges like a big family. It is a small company now, but they believe that it can be an enterprise capable of lasting 100 years or more.

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