Pakistan sports equipment company finds success on

Usman Asif
Moytei Sports
About the Company
Moytei Sports
Company Size:
201 - 300 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
Central America, Eastern Europe, South America
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Succeed in ecommerce
“ is a competitive platform, you have to push hard, and you will get orders. 100% you will get orders, but you have to push it hard.”

- Usman Asif, CEO, Moytei Sports


One of the admirable traits of Usman Asif, the CEO of Moytei Sports, is his desire to stand out as a sportswear/equipment brand and satisfy customers by providing high-quality products. It’s no wonder the businessman spends most of his time in production and researching new ways to improve his product.

Moytei Sports offers boxing & MMA, gym/sports/fitness wear, weightlifting products, and fashion apparel. Usman Asif, the current CEO of the company, has been in the manufacturing industry for over five years and joined in 2020.

Since he started his business, Usman had no doubt that using a B2B eCommerce platform could help him reach a wider audience.


“I had two platforms on my mind then. It was either between Amazon or I chose”

In Usman’s words, he chose because it required very little capital and almost no experience to get started. Also, was perfect for Research and Development (R & D), which is a major focus of his manufacturing company. Although he had tried other B2B platforms in the past, Usman strongly believed that he had a chance to sell to a more global audience through

Usman also credits some of’s tools with helping him improve his business. For example, the messaging center ensures they provide timely responses to customers’ inquiries and questions. Also, Usman does not need to wait for customers to reach out to him as he uses the RFQs to pitch his products to potential customers.

“I try to know what customers are looking for, and I give them valuable information on what I offer, and I follow up on them again.”

In addition, the company uses the Product Posting feature to showcase its products to customers and ensure to use the keywords that can improve visibility on search results. The company also gets support and assistance from the local channel partners and representatives of in Pakistan whenever they need assistance regarding the platform.

Between a well-designed storefront, good use of RFQS, and a messaging center for responding to inquiries, it was clear that success was inevitable for Moytei Sports on


For 8 months, Moytei Sports didn't get any orders from, because he took a break to focus on the production side of the business. Within 4 months of his return, a big brand from the UK ordered about 900 units of tracksuits, shorts, and hoodies.

Usman believes he would be getting 2 or 3 customers daily from if he wasn’t managing the company alone. Despite focusing on other areas of the business, like production and research and development, Usman has expanded into international markets. Currently, Moytei Sports is working with buyers in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and some European countries.

“Our major customers are from the UK and Canada, which were majorly gotten from I have a solid relationship with them, and we work on a contract basis.”

Moytei Sports is also a 3-star supplier on, and Usman hopes to improve the company’s ratings soon. His biggest motivation is to be honest, and that’s why he spends a lot of time on providing accurate information to potential buyers about their business.

“I’m in a competition, so I need to be special; I need to be different from others. That’s what I’m always looking for,” said Usman about his goal for his company on