Italian coffee specialists expand into export with help from

Claudio Trenta
Owner & CEO
Crimark Srl.
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Crimark Srl.
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Expand to global markets

Crimark: An Award-winning family coffee company

“We are a highly professional but small family coffee company with 20 years’ experience in the coffee and sugar industries. We produce our own brand called ‘Dolce and Nero’ which has obtained several awards with our technology allowing us to create private labels. This technology also allows us to produce different types of product packaging for Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Compatible Nespresso Pods, Instant Coffee, Flavored Coffee and more.” introduces successful export

“Before we never exported. We are only a small family run coffee company but has helped us to understand how to export and enabled us to realize our export dream.

Within 1 year we achieved very good results thanks to We have talked to many buyers from France, Germany, UK, US, and Greece and have taken orders from them. We are inexperienced in e-commerce but the Alibaba service team were a great help. We attended many online webinars to learn how use the platform and increase the business.

Our first customer was in Florida, US and we are now regularly supplying them. They are mainly interested in Liposol, the capsules that somehow decrease and control cholesterol because in America there are many cases of high cholesterol.

Our clients are very satisfied with our products and often want to place a second order. We have one Scottish client from that even came to visit us. They tasted the coffee here in the factory and were very satisfied with the coffee taste. Now we are preparing coffee with a special treatment of vitamin C for them.”

Alibaba functions essential for success

“ provides us with very useful tools to customize the company online store in order to present our business in an organized and professional way. With the product posting function, you can show your products clearly in a way that helps you to gain the trust from buyer.

The RFQ function is useful and quite unique in that we can find buyer's specific request in the RFQ market. Sometimes you can find the request suitable for your business. You will not find this service in other platforms.

Keep working hard on and make sure you post high quality products and by displaying a good presentation of your company you can focus attention on the solution. Always be patient and understand the way it works in e-commerce. It took a few months to introduce and prepare everything. We owe a debt of thanks to the official service provider who helped us set up the mini-site.

With one year’s experience in we have generated at least 5-6 new clients from the different foreign markets and we continue to build our new client base with If you work hard on and post high quality products, pay attention to good presentation and focus your attention on the solution you will achieve your success!”