How Nepal businessman generates 99% of his business revenue from

Narayan Krishna Kharel
Asterisk International Services PVT. LTD.
About the Company
Asterisk International Services PVT. LTD.
Household Cleaning Tools & Accessories
Company Size:
101 - 500 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
North American, Europe
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Reach business buyers
“After joining, my business grew many folds. I started with five employees, and now we have 100+ employees.”

- Narayan Krishna Kharel, Founder, Asterisk International Services PVT. LTD.


Narayan Krishna Kharel is the founder of Asterisk International Services PVT. Ltd, a company that produces and exports wool and cotton products, including felt bags, slippers, laundry balls, and gloves. Asterisk also partners with local factories in Nepal to export goods to other countries.

Narayan's plan for his company was to establish it as a global supplier of woolen products, and was his top choice. Narayan joined in 2014, the same year he started his export business in Nepal.


Before registering his startup with in 2014, Narayan already had experience with the platform for the other company he had worked for since 2008. Based on his previous experience, Narayan believed that was a great platform to boost a company’s digital presence.

“I found that was the best platform because of the high number of buyers, the traffic, and the marketing tools they offer.”

On why he chose, Narayan said comes to mind when thinking of platforms to boost a business and penetrate the global market. The entrepreneur also mentioned that has a lot of small businesses, and it’s easier to work with them, grow with them and turn them into long-term business partners. Also, the businessman mentioned that he discovered that some B2C sellers source their goods from suppliers, which impressed him greatly.

Narayan also mentioned that has excellent features suitable for business owners to boost their brands. He is particularly impressed with the RFQs, which let him send quotes to potential audiences based on keywords related to what his company offers. In fact, the majority of his orders currently come from RFQs.

Success has helped Asterisk International Services PVT. LTD in so many ways, so it is no surprise that it is the primary platform the company uses for its trade. According to Narayan, 99% of the company’s revenue comes from, even though he uses other B2B platforms.

“ is the most important platform for my company because other platforms I use do not really perform well,” Narayan said.

Narayan has plans to expand the company and is working towards launching an e-commerce site in 2023. The businessman associates the success of his business to fast response time, proper communication, and ethical business practices. He also advised new business owners on to prioritize prompt responses to get ahead of their competitors.