How Italian exporter gained major business leads on

Gianluca Vincolato
Export Manager
Ursini srl
About the Company
Ursini srl
Plant & Animal Oil
Company Size:
11-50 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
Northern Europe, North America, Central America
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Reach business buyers
“There are several reasons the company chose, but the foremost is the digital penetration and increased business opportunities it provides.”

- Gianluca Vincolato, Export Manager, Ursini srl


In June 2020, Gianluca Vincolato joined Ursini srl to coordinate, manage, and oversee the company’s profile. His job involves managing export operations and communicating with potential buyers daily using just

Ursini srl is an Italian company offering extra virgin olive oil and other food products like sauces and spreads. The company has multiple awards identifying them as the best virgin olive oil exporter. Ursini's primary goal is to increase its market penetration by selling its products to top countries and high-end buyers worldwide.

To penetrate international countries and reach the company's goals, Ursini srl uses They also got Gianluca Vincolato on board to manage the company’s activities on


Gianluca uses to find customers from different international countries on a daily basis. He learned how to optimize the company’s profile on, connect with customers, and reply to inquiries fast. Also, he was able to leverage the mobile app to make his tasks easy.

“ provided us the opportunity to boost our digital presence and to be in touch with potential customers in different countries, including Bangladesh, a country I never thought we could reach.”

Gianluca spends about 2 hours per day on to leverage the platform’s tools for the company’s growth. Aside from the dedicated hours he put in, the tradesman also drops in now and then to respond to messages and inquiries from potential leads.

Gianluca uses different features on to help the company reach its goal of penetrating international markets.

He uses the messaging center to respond to inquiries as fast as possible. The Request for Quotation (RFQ) also helped him to find and connect with potential buyers in need of the products they offer. That’s not all; Gianluca takes advantage of advertising tools, especially keyword advertising, to reach a wider audience. He targets specific countries and regions to improve the company’s visibility. In addition, he uses analytics tools to keep track of their performance and get insights to improve their subsequent campaigns.


“I believe I did a great job on for the company. Today, you will find Ursini products in places like New York and Bangladesh.”

According to Gianluca, Ursini srl believed in from day one for two major reasons. One, provides business tools valuable to companies like Ursini srl. Also, the digital penetration and increased online presence offers are unmatched.

On joining the company, Gianluca was able to close a deal worth £40,000 for Ursini srl. He completed many more deals afterward, and he believes he currently contributes about two times more to the company’s revenue just by overseeing export operations through

Gianluca also mentioned that In the old days, they got buyers from only the European region. However, that is different now as the company has been able to expand to other continents, including Africa and the US. Also, the company plans to expand into other types of business, especially food products.

“Right now, I'm in contact with several potential buyers. There is one in Australia, a country I’ve always hoped we would reach, and another in South Korea. It was made possible by