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Giulia Faralli
Customer Manager
Vikki Fashion
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Vikki Fashion
Women's Clothing
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Australia, US
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Expand to global markets
Succeed in ecommerce

Vikki Fashion: Dream of expanding ‘beyond the local market’ realized

“Vikki Fashion is an Italian company, based in Prato, specializing in the production and distribution of linen clothing. We have more than 10 years’ experience and expertise in this field.

Our graphic designers take care of shaping our customers' creativity and their idea of linen clothes. Our team of programmers studies the best technical solution, while the skilled hands of the operators of our atelier transform the material into a finished garment. It is thanks to the direct and constant dialogue with our laboratory that we are able to translate the most complex processes into effective and efficient prudent solutions.

About a year ago, I wanted to take the initiative to expand our market, and became the e-commerce platform that gave me more initiative and the platform that I developed our buyers and dealers from.”

KWA function boost to sales during off-season

“There are many companies from many different countries on it, and we all got to know each other on this platform and gradually built a stronger long-term relationship. The Keyword Advertising tool enables us to continue to successfully trade in the off season. We will analyze the top sales markets for different seasons of the year and use the KWA function to boost our product to clients in the opposite seasons in different hemispheres like South America and Australia when it comes to off-season in Italy. is helping us to replenish our sales revenue and stabilize our business throughout the year.

The order from was closed faster than we expected. One order only took two weeks from the first communication to the final order. We were also surprised that a buyer provided by actually flew over to our factory. We started to negotiate the order details right after he went back.” analysis tool unlocks potential

“The analysis tool of inquiry is very helpful for us to understand the potential opportunities. Before we reply to the customer, we can identify what products and services I can provide to promote the collaboration between us.

We are quite new on and there are a lot of new concept and tools that we need to learn. While provides a lot of training sessions and material both online and offline. With that help, I can find the most relevant topics that I want to learn and can easily schedule my time for the training.

Apart from the training, also provides a very professional service operation company to help us tackle the basic operations like online store design and product posting. They also event verify the quality of the buyer inquiry for us. With this great support, I can focus on the business of product design and production.

We have a clear goal and strong faith on We want to expand our business online together with this B2B platform, it has really helped us to gain more business opportunities!”