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Chansawang Group is a Thai beauty and personal care company that has made a name for itself by promoting the use of traditional Thai herbs in their beauty products. The company was founded almost 20 years ago by Dr. Kanchorn Chansawang-Dharmapetch, who serves as the company's president and brand presenter. Their herbs are locally sourced and produced in their own factory, which has received a GMP standard, and the company operates as a franchise with over 500 beauty centers all across Thailand. However, despite their success in the local market, the company faced a major challenge when it came to promoting their products abroad.

Before joining, exporting was not their main focus as they had a large customer base in Thailand. While they had tried and were able to attract some foreign customers before, they were not able to make a significant impact in the global market.


They turned to, which provided them with a platform to reach customers all around the world. made it easy for Chansawang Group to established digital presence internationally with less complexity in registration requirements and online marketing tools. Channel partner also played a large role. They helped with onboarding since day 1 and continuously giving advices on how to grow the business along the way.


When COVID-19 hit, the interest in and purchases of their herb products from customers abroad increased dramatically, and they received orders from countries all over Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The platform provides serious and actual buyers for the company. Ever since became the only platform for reaching global buyers for Chansawang Group. With the help of, the company has been able to expand its reach to customers worldwide, increasing the demand for Thai herbs and creating more job opportunities for local Thai farmers. This company is a great example of how a local business with a strong commitment to promoting local products and values can grow and become successful on a global scale. The company's success is a testament to the power of promoting local resources and traditions, and its continued commitment to sustainable and responsible practices makes it a great choice for customers who care about the environment and social impact.

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