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Ubaid Aslam
Ubaid Aslam
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Ubaid Aslam
Garment & Processing Accessories
Company Size:
11 - 50 employees
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Business Objective:
Succeed in ecommerce


Ubaid Aslam Industries produces tracksuits, hoodies, and t-shirts using the superior craftsmanship of the export hub of Pakistan Sialkot. The company is based out of Sialkot Pakistan and they control every step of the process, from getting the right fabrics to manufacturing. They have customers all over the world and have been selling in some of the biggest economies of the world such as the USA and the UK.

Ubaid Aslam founded Ubaid Aslam Industries in 2012 right after he completed his education. Like hundreds of exporters in Sialkot, export was always on the cards for him. He started exporting quite early in his life while he was continuing his studies only. He initially started doing trading and used many digital channels and e-commerce platforms to sell his products, but he found the right product-market fit when he came across the huge demand for his products from global B2B buyers on Alibaba.com.


Ubaid was quite unfamiliar with Alibaba.com and its purpose when he first started exporting. He tried his luck with many channels and had pretty much given up on exporting when he luckily discussed his problem with a friend of his. This friend had already been an Alibaba.com gold supplier for quite some time and strongly recommended him to join Alibaba. After doing his own research, he quickly realized that the majority of online B2B buyers prefer to visit Alibaba.com and have trust in the sellers over there. In 2013, Ubaid brought his export business online on Alibaba.com.


Ubaid Aslam Industries is now one of the premium star-rated suppliers from Pakistan. They have 400 products listed and receive over 100+ inquiries on any given month. Without having ever traveled or attended trade shows, Ubaid is finding new business buyers from around the world. According to Ubaid, Alibaba.com truly is a 24-hour, 365 trade show... there is nothing else like it.” Today 100% of his business is export-oriented and 100% of his business revenue comes from Alibaba.com. Starting from zero, in 8 years, Ubaid has established a business worth 15 million PKR/year.


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