Uzbekistan Textile Conference opens a new era of Uzbekistan suppliers MAY 10, 20224 MIN READ
Uzbekistan Textile Conference opens a new era of Uzbekistan suppliers

April 26 – 28, 2022 are the key days for textile companies of Uzbekistan. Uztextileprom Trade Association holds considerable conference which brings together a lot of experts: heads of international textile and fashion companies, CEOs of large retail companies and international clothing brands, chief editors of specialized media, Uzbekistan textile companies, and investors.

The textile industry of Uzbekistan came in top place in terms of export in 2021. That was a landmark event, beginning of a new era of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan's companies. For 2022, manufacturers of cotton, textiles, and textile equipment establish goal to reach a new level of the country's export economy. New opportunities always mean that there will be new tools as well as new responsibilities. Nowadays, digital promotion technologies are taking front positions on the field of online promotion of goods and services. And the solutions offered by can become the main platform for direct communication between suppliers and manufacturers of textile, cotton, textile equipment, national clothes of the Republic of Uzbekistan and their potential buyers all over the world.

Preparatory stage will build basis for long-term and efficient export:

1. Carry out an analysis of the situation on B2B platform: who are your potential competitor? What terms of delivery do other countries textile suppliers use? What certificates do they have?

2. Carry out an analysis of a potential B2B customer: collect a customer’s profile who is the most interested in your product and make an offer considering the specific features of the customer's profile.

3. Carry out an analysis and choose the best logistics options.

At the first stage, the main task of Gold Supplier manufacturers is to open the first supply lines with new customers, become solid and stable in the global market, expand an offer by developing marketing tools, and be ready for active sampling.

Besides the new opportunities, new challenges and standards are becoming innovative working habits for companies from Uzbekistan:

- Conformity with world standards of cotton and textiles production

- The ability to anticipate desires and trends of the main consumers on marketplaces and B2B customers, who only transmit the desires of the end customers.

- Production in accordance with Principles of green economy – reduction of carbon emissions, recycling of textile industrial waste and use of renewable resources.

Traditionally, at the beginning of a new journey, we wish the new export Textile Community of the Republic of Uzbekistan the prosperity, patience, persistence, new ideas and solutions, a stable and strong team, and fashion intuition.

Kadantseva Maria

GM of MD-Insight LLC Global Service Partner