The search trends shaping the electronics market in 2022 FEBRUARY 23, 202210 MIN READ
The search trends shaping the electronics market in 2022

Whether it be Google search trends or Twitter search trends, following search trends is a great way to get a snapshot of what’s happening in the industry. For instance, the electronics industry is currently going through a major transformation, with many brands incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) for the production of improved consumer electronics. As an entrepreneur in the electronics market, you need to stay updated with trends in the industry to grow your business. This article provides insight into some of the top global search trends for electronics in 2022.

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How important is following search trends for your business?

The most successful businesses know how to follow the trends in their industry. As a business owner, how do you know which are the latest products, or which products consumers have on their wishlist? Simple, by following the search trends for your industry. People will always search for new trends on Google and social media channels. So, by using these platforms to follow the top searches in your industry, you’ll better understand your consumers and be able to strategize better.

This is essential for the electronics industry, as it is continuously evolving. In today’s context, advanced technology has inspired the development of improved electronic appliances, including security systems, digital assistants, and even environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. This means that an increasing number of people will follow this trend and continue to seek these new and improved electronics. Thus, one great strategy to become an industry leader is to stay updated on your target consumers' needs by following their online searches.

Electronics Search Trends

#1: Trends help you maximize your revenue

Google trends offer data that can help you maximize and grow your business. With this data, you can better understand your industry, get insight into what your prospective global customers are saying, and offer the best solutions to their needs.

#2: Trends help you find the best keywords for SEO

Google trends offer keyword terms and a visual chart to help you discover the keywords that will get you the best SEO results for your business.

#3: Trends help you get a better business idea

There are many hidden business ideas and opportunities that will become known to you when you start keeping track of the trends in your industry. How do you know if consumers now prefer LED lighting? How do you know that Smart TVs are a big deal? These are the types of things that you know by staying updated on the trending topics in your industry. Businesses that follow trending searches on Google will know whether they should continue selling a particular product or start wholesaling an improved version. If you sell two similar electrical products, you can use Google trends to determine which brand will sell better.

#4: Trends help you detect early warning signs

As new electronic products are rolling into the consumer conscious, some are rolling out. By following trends, you will know exactly what you need to offer and what you need to stock. Searches data are a compilation of reliable information from various sources that tell you what is compatible with your business based on current and future trends. Armed with this knowledge, you can prepare for industry changes, improve your business, and even establish yourself as an industry leader.

What are the global search trends for electronics in 2022?

From AI to eco-friendly electronics, the global searches for electronics in 2022 have proved one thing — people want smarter electronics and products. Below are some of the electronics products that will lead the way in 2022:

Electronics Search Trends

    • IoT and VR

Right now, everyone is interested in the Metaverse. This is because the Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) are rapidly evolving the electronics industry. Bill Gates predicted that by 2023, almost all offices would be using the Metaverse[1] to host office meetings.

Aside from the Metaverse, many electronic brands are integrating their products with IoT technology to make things more convenient for users. IoT technology involves the interconnectivity of physical devices, such as wristwatches and headsets, with sensors and software to allow an exchange of data. LG, for example, has an app2 that allows users to monitor their household appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators, through their phones, regardless of where they are. Other household appliances integrated with IoT include Wi-Fi, headsets, speakers, and bluetooth low energy. In addition, some of the future trends of IoT include smarter devices, such as self-driving cars.

VR technology is popular within gaming, as it allows users to enter and interact in the virtual world. Some brands are already combining IoT with VR. In 2018, Titanium Falcon3 introduced a ring that works as a touch-sensitive controller, enabling users to perform various IoT applications easily, such as switching the light on/off and switching between AR/VR gaming.

    • Automation and AI

Many electronics brands use automation and AI to improve their products and make lives more convenient by digitizing tasks. For instance, some manufacturing industries now use robots4 to perform complex tasks, such as breaking down departmental warehouses.

In addition, brands are integrating AI into electronics so as to build smart home appliances that are capable of sensing, transmitting, and analyzing data. This allows for the automation of those operations that are usually performed manually. Recent home appliances utilizing AI include smart washing machines,5 where washers can regulate the speed and detergent based on the load weight and fabric material. In addition, AI has helped develop smart TVs, smart speakers, and now smart refrigerators where people can remotely monitor their food.

    • Sensors

From smart vending machines to digital assistants and wearable assistants, sensors are part of almost all electronics. This means that as electronics products grow, so does the need for sensors. Many modern vehicles come with sensors, and soon cars and many other electrical appliances will be controlled by sensors and computer programs. Sensors are now also commonly used in electronics, especially in the medical field, where they are used for monitoring, measuring, and logging data.

    • Miniaturization

Miniaturized electronics has been a hot topic for a while now as it has made it possible for electronic products to enter society in a new way. With miniaturization, the world has been able to go from brick-sized computers to thin smartphones, and now many people want even smaller electronic products.

Electronics miniaturization involves using a set of circuit designs to make electronic components as small as possible, while still maintaining their efficiency and reliability. Miniaturization has also led to the integration of multiple components into a single device to make them smaller and more powerful. Recent miniaturized electronic components include nanonet sensors and phones that can perform many tasks, including calculations, setting alarms, playing music, interacting on digital channels, and more. This is a significant improvement from when it was initially developed for the sole purpose of communication.

    • Technology for the environment and eco-friendly raw materials

As more consumers become aware of the impact human activities have on the environment, a need for more sustainable materials has become a priority for many electronics brands. Consumers are confronting climate change and global warming by choosing eco-friendly technologies and materials that cause less damage to the environment. For this reason, many industries, including the electronics industry, are producing eco-friendly products using renewable energies. Some of them include LED light bulbs and electric cars, which use renewable energies and emit little greenhouse gasses.

What electronics products should you offer in 2022?

By staying updated with the search trends on Google and social media platforms, you’ll be able to offer the best products, meet the demands of consumers, and stay ahead of your competitors. If you’ve been wondering what electronic products are currently creating a buzz and what you should offer, then here is a list for you:

Electronics Search Trends

    • Smart TVs and remote controls

The demand for smart TVs keeps increasing, as consumers now prefer smart functions on their gadgets. Smart TVs integrate the features of television with the functions of the Internet. For example, smart TVs let users connect their TVs to streaming services like Netflix. Since more television manufacturers are entering the smart TV market, it’s only normal that there will be increased demand for them.

    • Smart speakers

Like smart TVs, smart speakers have remained one of the best-selling electronic products for some years now. Many people want to tell a robot what to do, want to get weather updates, and listen to their favorite music with just a command of their voice. That’s precisely why smart speakers are a top-rated product. This type of speaker offers advanced features, like voice recognition, digital assistants, speakers, bluetooth, NFC, and other capabilities that users can control from their mobile apps.

    • Video game consoles

Consoles are part of the most searched trends in the electronics industry. They make great gifts for avid gamers, and the demand for them is still high. Popular game consoles, like Nintendo Switch and Oculus Quest, offer a great experience through virtual reality (VR), so it’s no wonder more and more people want them.

    • VR headsets and accessories

2022 may be the perfect time to invest in virtual reality gadgets, if you haven't already. Many PC gamers now prefer VR headsets for an immersive VR experience. There are many VR standalone headsets on the market now, and selling them is a great idea for 2022.

    • Baby monitors

Baby monitors are mainly used by new parents who want to watch their newborns from another room. With the Internet becoming ever more present in daily life, an increasing number of working parents, and improvements in technology, there is a high demand for baby monitors6 in developed and developing countries.

    • Electric toothbrush

Based on several findings7, people find that electric toothbrushes are better at cleaning teeth than manual toothbrushes. With the enhanced benefits of this brush and the need for more innovative products, it isn’t surprising that one of the bestselling electronic products at the moment is the electric toothbrush.

    • Smart security systems/cameras

Smart security cameras help people watch over their homes, and sometimes, they even work with smart speakers, such as Alexa.

    • Surge protectors

For people who own a lot of electronics and smart devices, owning a surge protector is a necessity. A surge protector helps pass electrical current through its outlet, and through to the devices plugged into the strip. This is especially important during power spikes or surges, as it can shorten the lives of your devices or even wipe the data from them.

    • Room and water heaters

Electric water heaters and room heaters are some of the best devices used to increase temperature, especially during cold winters.

    • Computer mouse

Many people work on their computers and tablets, often needing a wireless mouse for convenience. Most people now prefer a mouse with very sensitive sensors that work on most surfaces.

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7. ORAL HEALTH FOUNDATION (2018) ‘National Smile Month Nationwide Survey 2019’, Atomik Research, May 2019, Sample 2,003.