The complete guide to Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show OCTOBER 25, 20215 MIN READ
The complete guide to Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show is holding the Autumn edition of its Online Trade Show from October 18th to 31st. This two-week-long event aims to connect buyers worldwide with leading suppliers on the platform.

The article will explain how you stand to gain from this year’s Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show and the limited-time perks and services available to buyers worldwide.

What is the Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show, and how do both buyers and suppliers stand to benefit from it?

The Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show presents the perfect platform for the convergence of all key stakeholders. Suppliers can showcase new trends, technologies, and products to buyers looking for fresh ideas and connect with reliable suppliers.

This virtual trade show features digital booths, livestreams from key exhibitors, and live industry insights sessions from to offer immersive sourcing experiences for buyers worldwide. Over 9,900 leading suppliers are ready to connect with buyers without the need for costly and time-consuming in-person site visits.

Running under the message “Leading Suppliers, Efficient Sourcing,” the Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show sets out to deliver on the following:

1. Connect you with over 9,900 suppliers has an extensive directory of suppliers across a range of categories. During this event, features leading suppliers who have global exhibition experience or have strong R&D capabilities.

As part of the event, the founders and CEOs of over 70 leading suppliers will get on livestreams to provide detailed introductions of their companies and key products that they offer. But beyond this, there will be opportunities for buyers to access exclusive discounts and samples for as little as US $0.01!

A selection of products is eligible for on-time delivery service to allow buyers to source more efficiently by providing estimated delivery dates that help plan sourcing schedules accordingly.*[2]

2. Help you find over 6 million in-demand products across 30 categories

Few e-commerce platforms can boast of the breadth of product offerings that can. When sourcing for reselling or for your store, you’ll have a range of products to choose from to ensure you get the right quality at the right price. The expansive product offering also helps you secure products that specifically meet certain market preferences.

The Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show features 160 leading products that have been globally launched and are top-trending in eight key categories, including:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Home & Garden
  • Apparel
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Machinery
  • Packaging
  • Electrical Equipment & Supplies

The trade show also has a unique product venue, the Green Product Venue, that showcases eco-friendly products contributing towards environmental protection. This venue offers a wide selection of environmentally friendly products with third-party certification.

3.  Provide you with great discounts

One of the main objectives of the Autumn 2021 Online Trade Show is to ensure that buyers are connected with suitable suppliers and that they can enjoy amazing deals in the process.

When sourcing during the online trade show, you’ll be able to access discounts of up to 30% on a range of products from a number of suppliers to save in your sourcing.

4. Offer you special services does not just offer a wide selection of products for buyers, but it also provides a number of special services to help global buyers achieve efficient and reliable sourcing. Some of the services that buyers can access include:

  • Third-Party Production Monitoring:* To ensure that buyers reduce the risk of production delays, offers production monitoring services through which ongoing tracking and reporting on production processes are provided. This service is free for orders worth US $1,000 or more.
  • *Inspection Services:*com Inspection Services help buyers acquire quality assurance through inspections independently conducted by professional third-party service providers who will visit manufacturing facilities and check for product conformity in line with order specifications. This service generally costs up to US $178, but with orders of US $5,000 or more, you can enjoy this service for free!

Claim these free services here now!

*Offers apply to eligible orders only and subject to terms and conditions.

5. Help you engage with high-quality suppliers through the October Elite Partner Event has made finding suppliers easier for buyers by offering a monthly event - the Elite Partner Event, which features a vetted group of global suppliers with innovative products to give buyers a better competitive advantage in terms of quality. Buyers seeking Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) can also find quality suppliers more efficiently.

For a limited time, a number of suppliers across different categories are offering great discounts on their best-selling products. Check out the October Elite suppliers now and access exclusive deals!

The trade show is certainly a gateway for leading suppliers to showcase their products and for buyers worldwide to procure stock or business assets at highly competitive prices. Visit the tradeshow and stock up for your business now!