The best Black Friday products to stock in 2021 (including our picks) DECEMBER 09, 20215 MIN READ
The best Black Friday products to stock in 2021 (including our picks)

As the holiday season approaches, many people are beginning to rush around looking for the best gifts for their loved ones. The tradition of gift-giving is popular in many different holidays across a variety of cultures.

Retailers stock their shelves to prepare for this busy season of holiday shopping, with this being especially true when it comes to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other seasonal sales events.

In this post, we’re going to discuss what wholesalers need to know about Black Friday in 2021. We’ll discuss what it is and how wholesalers can get in on the action. To wrap things up, we will discuss 7 of the best Black Friday products to stock in 2021.

What is Black Friday? When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday is an annual sales event that occurs on the last Friday of November, the day after the American holiday, Thanksgiving. On Black Friday, many businesses offer unbeatable discounts and promotions.

Black Friday originated in the United States as a sales event that was known for its doorbuster deals. However, this sales event has grown massively in popularity among vendors from all around the world.

Black Friday 2021 falls on November 26. In the past, stores started their Black Friday sales at midnight, but increasingly, they are offering early Black Friday sales during the evening of Thanksgiving Day.

What is Cyber Monday?

In the past, the best deals of the season were on Black Friday, and Black Friday only. However, the popularity of the sales event has led many sellers to extend the deals to their online shoppers on the Monday after Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is the online extension of Black Friday, and this year, it falls on November 29. Since e-commerce is growing in general, however, many stores are making their early Black Friday deals and Black Friday offers available online too. As a seller, it is up to you to set specific guidelines and restrictions for your holiday sales and deals.

How to offer the best Black Friday deals on

When you think of Black Friday deals, you might think of stores like Walmart, BestBuy, Amazon, and other massive retail chains. However, Black Friday isn’t just for retail stores. Wholesalers can get in on the action as well.

Markdown your listings on to attract new buyers and get more sales.

In addition to discounting the prices of goods in your wholesale store, you might consider offering discounted or free shipping. Perhaps throw in other promotions too, such as risk-free buying with a refund guarantee.

Some businesses feature flash sales that include temporary price drops for just a couple of hours. This is a great way to create a sense of urgency and push your buyers to make a purchase.

What are the best items to stock for Black Friday 2021?

Not sure which items to stock for Black Friday? We’ve got you covered.

Here are our top 7 picks for the best stock items for Black Friday 2021.

1. Electronic devices

Tech products have been some of the hottest Black Friday buys over the last couple of decades.

Laptops, tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, gaming monitors, and fitness trackers are among the many electronic devices that you can feature in your Black Friday sale.

Accessories for electronic devices, such as phone cases, USB chargers, HDMI cords, portable battery chargers, and audio equipment are also hot this holiday season.

2. Clothes

As the seasons change, many people look to buy new clothes. Consider offering deals on clothes for men, women, and children in your Black Friday sale.

Party attire, winter gear, and holiday-themed loungewear are all popular options.

3. Home decor

Home decor is another hot buy this Black Friday. From holiday-specific decorations to everyday pieces to accentuate the home, you really can’t go wrong.

Some of our top picks for home decor items include throw pillows, blankets, wall art, clocks, frames, and area rugs.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless gift with so many different styles and types. Consider stocking earrings, rings, necklaces, timepieces, and bracelets. If you are looking for a trendy item, consider stocking beaded bracelets.

5. Party supplies

Many countries have lifted COVID-19 restrictions, so many people are having holiday parties and gatherings this year. With that in mind, party supplies are certainly a must-stock this Black Friday.

Offer Black Friday prices on balloons, streamers, paper plates, napkins, and utensils.

6. Kitchen supplies

Kitchen supplies are another must-stock item this holiday season.

Pots, pans, knife sets, dining sets, silverware, kitchen towels, and mugs are all great options. Air fryers and other trendy kitchen gadgets are also good things to offer deals on.

7. Games and entertainment

One of the wonders of the holiday season is coming together with family and friends to celebrate those who are most important in our lives. Bonding over games and other special types of entertainment is a great way to make lasting memories.

Stock your warehouse with board games, card games, and holiday movies for this Black Friday sale.

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