Earn rewards by posting products and replying to inquiries
Alibaba.com MAY 17, 20201MIN READ

How to get rewarded?

Submit quality products on your My Alibaba account and reply promptly to inquires from May 18-June 30, 2020 to get rewarded.

1. Post 15 products with a product information score of at least a 4.

    Post a product  

    Best practice of product posting

2. Reply to inquires and messages promptly, and achieve a 7-day response rate of at least 70%.

    Reply to inquires

    Best practice of inquiry reply


Q: What is a 7-day response rate?

A: A response rate of at least 70% over the span of seven days. Timely responses to inquires from the message center and instant messages from AliSupplier are both included in the response rate calculation.

Q: Why aren’t my products showing up first under New Arrivals?

A: The display rules are customized according to buyers’ search preferences and are not predetermined.

Q: Where can I check my performance data?

A: Go to My Alibaba > Analytics > Data overview to see your performance data.

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