How to sell wholesale camping gear online: An ultimate guide for B2B sellers MAY 13, 202212 MIN READ
How to sell wholesale camping gear online: An ultimate guide for B2B sellers

The love for outdoor adventure keeps waxing, with camping being one of the most popular leisure activities globally. With this, the demand for camping supplies and accessories is increasing, especially during the warm season.

If you are a budding entrepreneur looking for a low-risk and profitable business idea, wholesale camping gear may just be it. This category of outdoor products has the ability to sell well, especially with the proper steps and tips put in place.

Interested in getting into the wholesale camping gear business but unsure where to start? Consider this article your ultimate guide for the wholesale camping gear business.

Understanding the wholesale camping gear market

Globally, camping has become one of the most popular leisure activities for a while now, explaining the increased demand for camping gear. According to a report, there has been a 64% increase in the number of people who camp at least three times a year since 2014.1

Also, the camping equipment market was valued at 13954.86 million dollars in 2020 and is projected to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.68% by 2026.2

Statistics like these show that selling camping gear is a great business idea for budding entrepreneurs and B2B sellers.

Camping gear categories

By definition, camping equipments are products and gears designed for temporary occupancy while going on an outdoor activity away from home. Camping gear is popular among hikers, backpackers, and adventurers for safe and convenient outdoor activities.

There are different categories of equipment that are essential for a convenient camping adventure. Some of the most popular at the moment include:

  • Tent & shelter: e.g., sleeping bags, tents, lanterns
  • Cooking: e.g., cookware
  • Storage: e.g., backpacks
  • Wearables: e.g., t-shirts, footwear, waterproof poncho
  • Security and convenience: e.g., insect repellants, hand warmers, WiFi, GPS tracker, camera
  • Tools: e.g., camping fork, snow shovel, binoculars, lamps, lanterns, survival gears

At the moment, backpacks have a significant share of the camping equipment global market.

Camping trends

One of the growing camping trends is the use of technology. Camping lovers now prefer enhanced accessories like GPS tracker, WiFi, and mosquito repeller for a more convenient experience.

Also, camping is more popular among the young generation, especially the millennials.3

wholesale camping gear

Market size and share

There has been an increase in spending on outdoor adventures like camping, especially in the United States, Europe, and Australia. This means that there is also increased market growth and demand for outdoor gear.

The United States, one of the countries where camping is most popular, had a market size of 706 million dollars on just camping backpacks in 2020.4 Currently, North America holds the highest share in the global camping equipment market.

There are many things attributed to the increased growth in the camping industry. The pandemic, for example, made many people realize the importance of being outdoors on an adventure. Also, there is an increase in camping enthusiasts, organizations and tourist centers posting on social media. This is an effort to attract more consumers, and it seems to be working.

Improved infrastructural facilities related to tourism and increased awareness of sports and fitness have also fueled outdoor activities.

Why B2B sellers should sell wholesale camping gear online

The wholesale camping gear industry is a very lucrative niche to operate. This is especially so at a period when camping is a popular leisure activity for people who want an adventure during a vacation.

Some of the benefits of selling wholesale camping gear online include:

1: Little competition

The wholesale business tends to be competitive, but some industries are more competitive than others. Camping gear, for example, is a growing industry with little competition and a lot of potentials. As a budding entrepreneur, a market with little competition like this is a great way to start.

2: More customers

Consumers are fast becoming used to seamless online shopping. In fact, data shows that 70% of B2B buyers find it more convenient to buy online. For this reason, it’s best to sell wholesale camping gear online to reach more customers. An online wholesale camping business will make it easy to meet market demand and consumer preferences.

3: Eliminate costs

As an online wholesaler in the camping industry, you’ll be able to save money on some expenses. For instance, some wholesalers do not need a warehouse or a physical store to sell online. In this case, it will be easy to save money on the cost of a warehouse.

Selling your goods online is also a great way to manage time-consuming manual processes.

7 steps to sell wholesale camping gear online

Establishing yourself as a B2B camping gear seller can be overwhelming. Where do you source products? Which platform can you sell on? How do I get the first order? There are so many questions!

Here are some strategic steps to get started and establish yourself in the wholesale camping gear industry:

contact with

#1: Decide the camping gear you want to sell

Camping equipment has a lot of categories, including tents, sleeping bags, cookware, backpacks, tools, and so on. As a B2B beginner, it’s best to decide on the category you want to focus on. This is not to say you can’t sell all types of camping gear. However, it’s best to establish in one or two categories before expanding. For example, you can start with backpacks and sleeping bags and then move into other categories.

#2: Source from the right suppliers and manufacturers

Starting a camping gear wholesale business means you need a supplier or manufacturer to acquire goods. Depending on what you need, you may source from just one supplier or different suppliers. 2 of the major things to consider when identifying the suitable suppliers to work with are:


The last thing you want is to sell poor quality or fake products to your customers. Try to list out the names of manufacturers and suppliers in the camping industry and do research. You can check out reviews online to see what people are saying about a specific brand.


You will have to source products at a low price for your wholesale camping gear business. It’s best to look for manufacturers who offer reasonable prices for wholesalers. You should also check if they have any minimum order requirements to see if it works for you. For example, some manufacturers may decide that their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 50 pieces, and this means you have to order up to that before you can do business with them.

3: Establish your price

Determining a price for your goods may seem simple, but it is sometimes a complex task for wholesalers. Your pricing system can also make or break your wholesale business. If you sell overpriced items, you may not get customers. Sell underprice items, and you may lose profit. To prevent this, you need to ensure you source your products at a low cost so that when you resell them, you can still make a cut.

Also, selling at wholesale means offering bulk products at a discount. So, you want to sell for retailers who will also make a cut after they buy from you. The general rule of thumb for setting a price is to offer a 50% discount on the wholesale price. For example, if an item costs $100, the wholesale price should be $50.

4: Set up a storefront

If you are selling online, you need a storefront where potential customers can see your products and buy from you. There are different options available: you can sell on social media, leverage B2B e-commerce platforms, or build a storefront from scratch. If you decide to use an e-commerce storefront, you can use to list your goods and sell them to a global customer.

5: Set minimum order quantities

The great thing about wholesaling is that you get to set minimum order. This means customers have to order a certain amount of camping gear to be eligible to purchase. Your minimum order should be lower if you sell popular and less expensive products.

6: Determine shipping costs

Selling online means determining how to deliver goods to your customers. Some wholesalers often offer free shipping or discounted delivery prices to attract new customers. To do this, you may have to partner with a shipping company.

7: Find your customers

As someone new to selling items, you need to determine who your customers will be and find them. Your target audiences are retailers who sell outdoor products for wholesale camping gear. Once you've determined your target audience, you have to develop a strategy to get your goods in front of them. Often, you may need to reach out to them to inform them about your wholesale business.

6 tips for a successful wholesale camping gear business online

Several people are selling outdoor and camping gear online. As a first-time B2B seller, how do you thrive in the industry and compete with these sellers? By implementing effective wholesaling strategies and tips. Here are some tips for a successful wholesale camping gear business:

1: Use incentives to encourage sales

B2B buyers transact with those who offer a better deal. You can boost your conversion rate by offering incentives and deals for customers. Some great examples of incentives to offer as a wholesaler include:

  • Offering discount on first order (to encourage new customers)
  • Offering a discount when customers order a set amount of goods, e.g., 5% off when buying up to 12 backpacks. (to increase the number of orders)
  • Offering free delivery on bulk items

2: Look out for the season

Camping gears are outdoor goods which means they have their season. It’s best to plan for the warm season (the most popular time for camping) for great sales. Meanwhile, some manufacturers produce some survival gear suitable for all kinds of weather, like in the winter. You can consider selling these specific products during harsh weather.

3: Source for top products

The camping gear industry is a collection of different outdoor goods. However, some categories sell more, and it’s best to start with products that are likely to sell fast. If you don't know which products to sell, consider doing a little research to determine the most popular and most ordered camping gear. At the moment, backpacks are the most popular camping gear ordered by outdoor enthusiasts.

4: Create impressive pictures and product descriptions

As an online camping gear seller, you need to pay attention to your products' pictures and descriptions because this is what customers see. Take high-quality pictures (preferably at different angles) and product descriptions. For this, you will need a good phone/camera and a backdrop/background. You can also take advantage of tools and apps that make it easy to edit and create professional product images.

5: Learn from your competitors

A good tip for business owners of all kinds is to see what their competitors are doing. The point isn't to copy them but to learn from what they are doing right. For example, if your competitors tend to sell a particular brand of products, you may want to tilt to that brand.

6: Increase marketing and promotion

Brand promotion through digital marketing is the surest way to get new customers. It is a digital world with buyers everywhere, so it’s best to promote and advertise your business on different channels. For instance, you can take advantage of paid ads or social media to push your brand to more audiences.

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