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In this article, we will give a detailed insight into’s livestreaming. We will discuss what it is, how it works, and why it should be used in your business. We will shed some light on the importance of a livestream for modern sales, how this can be achieved through and how to grow your following, stand out from other sellers, and livestream your way to sales success.

Let’s start off by understanding what you should prepare before a livestream.

Prepare before a livestream

Like live TV, livestreaming technology allows you to view, produce, and share videos in real-time. To livestream, all you need is a device that is connected to the Internet, such as a smartphone or tablet, and a platform to livestream from (such as a website or app).

Livestreaming, unlike pre-recorded recordings that may be edited and altered, is exactly that — live and uncensored. Livestreams are open to the public, and hundreds or even thousands of individuals can tune in. Viewers can comment and interact live by posting messages that appear beside the livestream.

It is believed that you should be well prepared before the livestream.


There is a clear anchor identity is required during the livestreaming, who has a professional understanding of the supplier and products (e.g., the supplier, production process, product certification, product function demonstration, etc.)

Theme and selections

The Theme finalization will influence the setting of the scene and the script that follows. A good theme will attract more audiences to attend this livestream and will stay for a long time.

Software download and equipment

Download Alibaba Supplier: Search for "Alibaba Supplier" in the APP Store or mobile app marketplace. In addition to downloading special software, you also need to prepare the equipment needed for live streaming, cell phones, computers, radio equipment, lighting, etc. Show users the best live effect and enhance the user experience.

livestream for ecommerce business

How to start the livestream?

Livestreaming for e-commerce is a business model in which retailers, influencers, or celebrities sell products and services through online video streaming, with the presenter demonstrating and discussing the product as well as answering audience queries in real-time. A livestream session might take place on a social media platform or on an e-commerce website. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to start the livestream.

The actual live streaming needs to be operated on your phone by the app of the Alibaba Supplier. In the meanwhile, you can view data and interactions on the Control Center of the computer.

You accomplish a livestream trailer at least 5-7 weekdays in advance. After that, the "Upcoming" icon will have constantly existed before livestreaming.

To create a livestream room, it is available for both PC and mobile versions. It is required to set the Session Start Time, you can set it according to your own needs. A good title may attract potential buyers to click on it. Please don’t forget to set a title that manifests the livestreaming topic. In addition to setting the time and title, you also need to prepare the description of the livestream, the live theme, the Livestream product category, cover Image & preview video.

Log onto the app of Alibaba Supplier, and find the live trailer-Click "Start Livestreaming". You can enter the live room a few minutes earlier and have a test for all the equipment status. When the live session start time begins, the picture of the livestreaming shows on the phone. (You can adjust the cam and turn on the beauty switch lens at the top right of the screen)

How to stand out from other sellers with livestreaming?

Now that we have established that livestreaming is ubiquitous, and know the reasons why – it’s personal, with buyers connected directly to you, the seller – it is time to explore how to make the most of it. With the right presentation in your livestream, that connection can feel familiar and personal — if they know you, they will trust you.

But the real question is, how do you stand out from all the other sellers?

The switcher has conducted a survey of small to medium-sized retailers in the United States and discovered that the highest-earning sellers aim to make their livestreaming experiences as seamless as possible. They've created a solid live selling approach that combines a variety of methods to increase revenue.

Let’s take a look at what these tactics are.

  • Social Media: According to the report, organic social media is the most popular marketing tool, as per replies from 55% of respondents. The majority of top income generators begin their marketing efforts on Facebook, then extend to Instagram and YouTube as their competence and audience expand.4
    For sellers that utilize organic social media as a marketing medium, frequency is especially important: 68% say they publish something every day.4
  • Apply a multi-tactic video strategy: Three-quarters of higher-earning merchants share recorded videos as well as doing their livestreams, according to the Switcher study.4 59% of sellers believe their business or products have a compelling story that draws buyers in.4 According to the data, the most common types of videos are advertisements, new product releases, and contests or giveaways.
  • Embrace livestreaming as a revenue generator: According to research, livestreaming vendors go live every other day for a duration of roughly 26 minutes.4 As mentioned earlier, the optimum results will be obtained by combining livestreaming with the uploading of recorded sessions. Here are some further facts on how these companies use livestreaming to stand out from their competitors:
    • Video (both live and recorded) is used by 58% of sellers to promote and sell their items.4
    • Ads, new product launches, and contest or giveaway videos are the most commonly produced videos.
    • Livestreaming is either all or part of the video marketing plan for 80% of those sellers that use video.4
    • 86% of those who livestream, do so at least once a week.4
  • Use a streaming platform to close more sales: Three-quarters of all video sellers use a software platform to help their business. These platforms offer several advantages, including training, reliability, coordination through multiple angles, and great editing tools. Further on in this blog post, we will delve deeper into the streaming platform,, which is great for international trade, highlighting the benefits of using it to optimize your livestream.

livestream for ecommerce business

How to build a return customer base with livestreaming?

Repeat customers are substantially more valuable to your company than new customers since they are more likely to bring in greater earnings. According to studies, 20% of your repeat customers are responsible for over 80% of your future income! 5

Here are four ways that you can build a return customer base with livestreaming:

  1. Deliver excellent customer service: The beauty of livestreaming is that it offers the advantage of real-time conversation. Failure to respond quickly can lead to frustration and a bad experience with your brand, but with livestreaming, you can eliminate this by answering all your customer queries quickly and efficiently and providing a more personalized experience for them.
  2. Extensive education on the products: Only when a consumer fully comprehends the product's characteristics and benefits does he or she feel empowered and confident enough to buy it. As a result, if you don't provide timely customer education and training, your customers will be lost and confused as to how to get the most out of your goods.
    Customers will be very happy with your brand and will stay with you for much longer if you focus on offering high-quality comprehensive knowledge.
    With livestreaming, you can be available to your customers for every hurdle they encounter during their customer journey. You can also connect with your customers to let them know that you are always available to educate them through their journey with your brand.
  3. Create customer loyalty programs: An effective customer loyalty program may help you transform your current clients into repeat customers. When compared to general customers, a customer who is a part of your loyalty program is 47% more likely to make another purchase from you.5
    The major reason for this is that loyalty programs make your customers feel more appreciated, powerful and connected to your brand. This type of relationship will provide the correct kind of incentive for your customers, encouraging them to buy more from you.
  4. Offer discounts and incentives to repeat customers: Who doesn't like a deal and discounts? Everyone does! Offers and discounts are a great way to retain your customers.
    Offering discounts may not be the ideal option for your organization if your margins are low. Offering new customers discounts after their first purchase, on the other hand, might be quite beneficial for your company.
    Delight your loyal customers by using a variety of discounts and incentives during your livestreams.

If you’re ready to go global, then start today and learn how to sell on — with the four above tips you’ll be off to a flying start with your customer retention strategy in no time!

How to sell your products and grow a following with

If you’re considering opening a digital storefront, an online marketplace like can give your growing business the exposure and support you need to scale profitably. Learning how to sell your products, penetrate new markets, and reach new customers is extremely easy on online marketplaces like In a simple 3-step process you can start trading today:

  1. Create your account on Set your trade role as buyer, seller, or both.
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  3. Get support throughout your journey with dedicated seller services.

Additionally, with online shopping, you stand to gain value in increased brand loyalty and trust. People might not know your business, but they do know, which means their faith in the platform will benefit you. By selling your products on you can gain the exposure your business needs, especially if you are keen to develop a global selling strategy. With you get an end-to-end wholesale service platform calibrated to help you grow your business, and help you provide services to your buyers.

If you have any other questions please feel free to check the details in Live Streaming Platform Rules