Is Dropshipping Worth It in 2024? DECEMBER 19, 202311 MIN READ
Is Dropshipping Worth It in 2024?

E-commerce is a huge sector. People found out about the massive opportunities in the eCommerce industry and started their businesses. This is an excellent thing, except there is a lot of competition in the industry, so new selling models, like dropshipping, have emerged. Dropshipping has become very popular; some have called it “the future of e-commerce.”1

But is dropshipping worth it? Is it profitable to start an Alibaba dropship, and how do you get started? In this article, we answer these questions and explore some things to consider if you’re starting a dropshipping business.

Is Dropshipping Worth It in 2024?

According to Torchbanks, more than one-third of e-commerce businesses use the drop shopping model.1 Dropshipping is a business model that allows retailers to take orders from customers and then pass the orders to suppliers for fulfillment. The seller does not keep stock of goods at all, and they can sell almost anything. In other words, dropshipping allows retailers to sell a product by purchasing the item from a third party that ships the product to a customer.

The dropshipping process goes like this:

  • You get an order from the customer
  • You forward the order to a supplier
  • The supplier fulfills the orders.

So, is dropship worth it? There is no inventory, so that should be easy, right? Also, experts say drop shipping will be valued at $500 billion by 2027.2

From this, it’s easy to conclude that dropshipping is profitable. However, dropshipping, like other business models, comes with their set of problems. Here are some pros and cons of drop shipping:

The pros of dropshipping

Is dropshipping a good idea? Find out from the following pros:

The pros of dropshipping

Minimal capital requirements

Dropshipping reduces the cost of starting an online business because you don’t have to invest in inventory. You also don’t have to worry about where to store your products. Another reason why dropshipping is a good idea is because you won’t be stuck with products you’re unable to sell. You can use the capital meant for inventory for things like marketing your brand, expanding your social media presence, and building a website.

Flexibility in running your business

Dropshipping is a reasonable business model when it comes to flexibility. You can run your business from anywhere with dropshipping since you don’t have a physical inventory. Dropshipping is also flexible in the sense that you can have risk-free product testing. If you are not sure about the sellability of a product, you can dip a toe by adding it to your product listing without making a serious commitment.


Setting up a physical inventory and sourcing for goods can take a lot of time. With drop shipping, a third party handles inventory, shipping, packing, labeling, etc. For this reason, you have more time to focus on other things, especially if dropshipping is a side hustle for you.

Access to a wide range of products

Some business owners often limit the number and types of products they sell since they have to invest in building physical inventory. With drop shipping, retailers can expand their product offerings and add new products to their sites without worrying about clearing out back stock. You can experiment as many times and as often as you want without harming your revenue or brand. Businesses that use traditional models do not have the option to take risks or branch out of their product categories without running into complications.

The cons of dropshipping

Now that we've explored why dropshipping is worth it, let’s look at some cons of this business model. A few reasons why drop shipping is bad for some business owners include:

The cons of dropshipping

Dependent on the supplier's stock

Dropshipping involves relying on your partner or supplier to get products to customers. It will affect your business if your dropshipping supplier doesn’t come through with the order fulfillment. If you had your physical inventory, you could monitor items you have for sale. However, working with suppliers makes it difficult to know the products available. One of the ways to make dropshipping worth it is by partnering with dependable suppliers. Be intentional with your suppliers, build a strong relationship with them, and often communicate to stay updated about their inventory.

More customer service challenges

Another risk of the dropshipping business is that retailers don’t have total control over customer experience. If your supplier delivers an order late or sends the wrong item, it can negatively impact your company’s customer service. Also, other customers' services, like shipping and handling complaints, can become complicated. For example, if a customer asks you specific questions about a product, like weight or color, you might be unable to answer them. If you ask the supplier, it might involve some back and forth that will slow down the response time.

Lower profit margins

A long supply chain like dropping can result in a lower profit margin. Your supplier has to add their profit margin, and you might need to add a lower profit margin so customers won’t feel overcharged. Ultimately, the potential for profit from dropshipping is minimal. One way to solve this dropshipping disadvantage is by selling more products and partnering directly with manufacturers.

Highly competitive

As emphasized earlier, a lot of people are now into dropshipping because it requires little capital and doesn’t require inventory. This means new business owners who want to try this model will encounter a lot of competition.

How to dropship with

Generally, the answer to the question, “Is dropshipping worth it?” is yes. If you are considering drop shipping, here are some steps on how to dropship with

How to dropship with

Step 1: Connect your store

The first step to starting an dropship is by creating an account. offers a practical dropshipping feature and tools for sellers to source products and sell. So, to get started, create a drop shipping buyer account on and connect it to your store.

Step 2: Research products to sell

From your dropshipping account, you can click “Add to Import List” on products you wish to sell to create an import list. Before adding products to your import list, research best-selling goods in the e-commerce industry to ensure you offer a profitable selection of products. Remember that one of the pros of drop shipping is that you can provide customers with a wide range of products.

Step 3: Import products to your store

From your import list, you can select products that interest you in your store by choosing “push to store.” This function will allow you to display products on your storefront so that customers can browse and add to their cart. It’s as simple as that.

Step 4: Fulfill orders automatically

The 4th and final step is to wait for an order and then pay your supplier. Your supplier will handle the shipping and order fulfillment for your customers. Another interesting part of dropship is that you can track your customers' orders and shipments through your dashboard.

What to consider when starting a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a great way to start online selling because it requires little investment. As with other business forms, it’s essential to work to enhance your business. Some of the things to consider when starting a dropshipping business include:

What to consider when starting a dropshipping business

Choosing the right niche and products

A great part of a successful drop shipping business is selling good products that can sell quickly. A selection of best-selling products will make finding people to buy from you easier. So, to get started, conduct product research to find out what people want to buy and explore the latest e-commerce trends. You can do this by paying attention to what your competitors are selling, searching online marketplaces like for trending products, and using social media platforms like Facebook to see products people are talking about. You can also refer to this article to find the best items to dropship. The article highlighted some of the top-selling products in the dropshipping industry and answered the question, “Is dropshipping worth it in 2023.”

Finding reliable suppliers

One of the essential parts of dropshipping is selecting the right third party: manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers. For this reason, you need to put effort into choosing reliable suppliers because their services will affect your business reputation. An excellent dropshipping tip is to work directly with a manufacturer (their goods are cheaper) to increase your profit margin. Also, focus on working with suppliers offering affordable quality products. Some other factors to consider when selecting suppliers include their location, customer reviews, and experience.

Building a unique brand and user-centric website

One of the fundamentals of successful dropshipping is your brand identity. Invest in brand identity elements like logo, color scheme, and message to impress customers and enhance brand awareness. It’s also best to develop a user-friendly website to offer a seamless shopping experience for customers. If you can’t create a website from scratch, consider creating your e-commerce store on a B2B marketplace like or Amazon.

contact with

Marketing your dropshipping store

To ensure your dropshipping business's success, you must build an effective marketing plan. This will help promote your business and help you reach your target audience faster. Ensure you create a social media presence, invest in paid campaigns, consider email marketing, try SEO, and form strong customer relationships. The more traffic you can drive to your dropshipping business through marketing, the higher your chances of success.

Sell on online marketplaces

The best place to start dropshipping is on an online marketplace. Top e-commerce sites have thousands to millions of buyers and suppliers that can provide and buy goods for you. Some platforms you can consider are, Amazon, and eBay. Once you get started on the platform, create a storefront for your business, upload pictures of products you’d like to sell plus descriptions, and wait for someone to order.

If you’re using dropship, you have to create an account and import products from already existing products to your store. When someone orders, you pay the supplier that offers the goods, and they handle shipping to customers.

Prioritize customer service

You might not have control over inventory, but there is a bit of control over customer service and satisfaction. Respond quickly to customers, address their complaints professionally, and have a straightforward return policy to make them comfortable buying from you.



1. What is dropshipping, and how does it work?

Dropshipping is an online business model where a store sells products directly from the supplier without keeping them in stock. With this business model, the retailer forwards a customer’s order to a supplier who handles the fulfillment and shipping. This business model allows owners to sell and earn profit without storing or handling the physical products.

2. Is dropshipping legit?

Yes, dropshipping is legit. There is no law against drop shipping; however, retailers must be mindful of their partner suppliers. Business owners must also be careful with trademarks and business laws in their location.

3. Is dropshipping still a good idea in 2024?

Yes, dropshipping is a good idea in 2024. It’s a profitable business model, but its success often depends on factors like product type, marketing efforts, and dropshipping strategies. Dropshipping can prove very profitable with great marketing, a good understanding of the market, and excellent product offerings.

4. What are the potential disadvantages or risks of starting a dropshipping business?

Some potential disadvantages or risks of starting a dropshipping business include low profit margins, lack of control over stock levels, and high competition. Also, drop shippers do not have control over customer services, and they may experience problems like delays in delivery or compromise of quality because of the suppliers’ faults.

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As highlighted in this article, the benefits and drawbacks of dropshipping show that it’s a choice you must carefully consider. In general, when you ask, “Is dropshipping worth it?” people will say yes and won’t be wrong. However, you should be aware that there are some risks involved in this business model. The great news is that you can resolve most dropshipping problems with proper strategies and communication.

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