How to source food products on during lockdowns MAY 06, 20225 MIN READ
How to source food products on during lockdowns

Over the last couple of years, there have been many lockdowns around the world because of different tragedies and events. We’ve seen global lockdowns to slow the spread of COVID-19, and now, some regions are experiencing lockdowns due to geopolitical tensions.

No matter what is going on, people still need to eat. Whether you’re looking to feed you’re a grocer trying to feed your customers or you’re leading an organization that needs to feed a community, now is the time to stock up.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to source food during lockdowns. We’ll take a look at 10 foods to stock up on during a lockdown before we discuss how to source these products on

Top 10 foods to source during a lockdown

The way you stock your inventory may look a bit different during lockdowns and uncertain times. In normal times, freshness and variety are key, but survival tends to become the priority in times of distress.

Non-perishables and dry goods are staples that you can stock up on without worrying about short shelf lives or quick expiration.1 Canned goods are especially great options since they can sometimes last years.

With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the top foods to source during a lockdown.2

1. Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables are a safe option to make it through any crisis. Most canned veggies can be eaten right out of the can, but they can also be used to make a variety of recipes.

The long shelf life and nutrient-rich nature of canned vegetables also make them must-stocks through lockdowns and similar situations.

2. Canned meat and seafood

Canned meats and seafood are other great options since they pack protein and other key nutrients while boasting a shelf life of 2 to 5 years.3

Canned tuna is a particularly popular non-perishable because it can be eaten alone or it can be used to make a variety of quick meals and snacks.

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3. Canned soups

If you’re looking to add a little variety to your inventory of canned goods, canned soups are a good way to go. Canned soups can be warmed up in a few minutes to make a quick and easy meal during lockdowns.

4. Rice

Rice is another essential food for lockdowns because it stores well, and it’s relatively cheap. Plus, rice can be used to make a wide variety of dishes that blend with a variety of cuisines.

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5. Nuts and seeds

Consider stocking up on seeds to help get you through the lockdown. These are great to have on hand since they can be eaten raw as a healthy snack. Plus, most nuts and seeds pack in a ton of essential nutrients.4
When you pair the health factor of nuts and seeds with their shelf life, it’s clear to see why they’re key food products for lockdowns.

6. Dried fruit

Dried fruit is similar to nuts and seeds in the sense that they are a great “grab and go” sort of snack that packs lots of nutrients. They store well, so they serve as a great alternative to fresh fruit in situations where fresh fruit isn’t available.

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7. Shelf-stable milk

Milk is another nutritious staple. It can be used in recipes or as a drink, and many types of milk are quite nutrient-dense.5

Regular cow’s milk doesn’t have a very long shelf life, so opt for kinds of milk that are engineered to be shelf-stable. Non-dairy milk, such as almond milk and oat milk, are other shelf-stable options. Powdered milk is an option, as well.

8. Bottled water

While the COVID-19-related lockdowns didn’t affect water supplies, lockdowns caused by other catastrophes could cause water shortages.

In these instances, it’s a good idea to stock up on bottled water since clean, drinkable water is essential.

9. Flour

Flour is another non-perishable item that can be used to make a variety of recipes. There are different types of flour, but all-purpose flour is a safe option to stock up on since it is quite versatile.

10. Sugar

Sugar is another kitchen staple that stores well, making it a good option to stock up on during lockdowns. It can be used to turn simple ingredients into delicious dishes.

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How to find food suppliers on

Food and beverages make up a large portion of the items available on In fact, buyers can use to connect with food suppliers from around the world.

There are two approaches to finding food suppliers on browsing the marketplace and posting a Request for Quotation (RFQ). Let’s explore these options.

Browse the marketplace

The first approach is to browse the marketplace. You can search for items and filter the results to find the best vendor for your needs.
Let’s say you want to buy canned tuna. Enter “canned tuna” as your search query.

From there, you’ll be given a variety of results with a menu of filters. You can choose your preferred supplier type and product type, enter a minimum order quantity, enter a price range, and more.

Once you find a product from a suitable supplier, you can contact the supplier to negotiate the deal and place your order.

Post a Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Buyers who know exactly what they’re looking for can post their requests on’s RFQ marketplace. With RFQs, you can post the type of product you’re looking for, the quantity you need, your location, and more information on your needs.

Suppliers who are capable of meeting your needs can reach out with a quote. This helps to streamline the buying process since it can help you find an eligible supplier without any unnecessary back and forth.

Buy on

Ensuring that your food and beverage inventory is sufficient during lockdowns is quite important. After all, food is an essential good, so it’s great to be able to serve your customers through difficult situations.

With, you can connect with suppliers from around the world. That means that if your local suppliers are facing issues related to lockdowns or shortages, you can lean into the resources of other regions.

In addition to global accessibility, offers Trade Assurance, which is a program that protects buyers in all transactions carried out on the platform. If your shipment is not delivered or is unreasonably delayed, we’ll make sure that you’re properly refunded.

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