How to Sell Electric Scooters Online? A Comprehensive Guide JANUARY 16, 20249 MIN READ
How to Sell Electric Scooters Online? A Comprehensive Guide

Electric scooters have become popular as a medium of transportation globally. The rapid growth in sales and adoption can be linked to spikes in fuel prices, environmental concerns, and changing commuting habits. A recent report shows that the number of people commuting to work using bolt e-scooters went up to 160%.1

This trend shows a growing demand for e-scooters and a viable market for wholesalers in electric vehicle sales.

In this article, you will learn about the e-scooter market, how to sell, and get answers to frequently asked questions. At the end of this article, you will be able to start selling e-scooters on to millions of retailers worldwide.

Understanding Electric Scooters Market

Recent forecasts revealed that the value of the e-scooter market is projected to reach $34.91 billion by 2030 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7%.2

In this period, the North American and Asian markets will be the top two locations experiencing significant growth in adoption. Both monetary and non-monetary factors aid the rapid adoption of this two-wheeler.

On one hand, we have the rising demand for fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly automobiles congestion in major cities, contributing to the non-monetary aspect.

In terms of monetary factors, a spike in gasoline prices stands tall. A recent report showed that the price of gasoline went up by about 10.6%, selling at $3.984 in August.3 There's also the increased cost of buying vehicles4 due to inflation and other factors.

These factors are driving the adoption of e-scooter as an alternative means of transportation, offering cost-effectiveness and convenience to users of different ages. Looking at the projections, there's no better time to start selling e-scooters than now.

With rising demands, there will be expansion into different countries and regions, which will be profitable to wholesalers.

Benefits of Wholesaling Electric Scooters

Selling electric scooters wholesale offers benefits like higher profit, reduced overhead cost, scalability, and more.

Higher Profit Margin

As a wholesaler, you have access to direct distributors or manufacturers. The access to the direct source allows you to negotiate lower prices for bulk purchases. You can then sell to retailers at market prices, leading to higher profits.

Additionally, you can request specific customization, which will serve as an upsell and increase sales.

Reduced Overhead Expenses

Buying electric scooters in bulk from suppliers allows wholesalers to lower per-unit shipping costs. Rather than shipping single orders frequently like retailers, wholesalers can ship larger quantities and save costs.

Also, wholesaling involves selling large quantities to retailers, which ensures you clear out your inventory fast. Subsequently, you save costs on extensive inventory management, storage expenses, and the risk of scooters becoming faulty at the warehouse.

Easy Scalability

Wholesalers often have a single warehouse for inventory management or ship directly from the manufacturer to retailers. In both cases, the flexibility allows you to break into new markets and set up operations without the hassle of setting up a retail storefront.

Larger Customer Base

Wholesalers aren't necessarily restricted by location due to the access to multiple manufacturers. This flexibility allows you to sell to a more extensive customer base of retailers.

Selling to a large customer base is also made easy when your e-scooter wholesale business is online.

For example, if you use an e-commerce platform like Alibaba, you can access millions of users across different locations. You also access inventory management and other tools to serve customers and expand your reach.

Minimal Marketing Efforts

Wholesaling e-scooters online requires minimal marketing, as you are selling to fewer customers in larger quantities.

Unlike retail sales, you spend less money on individual marketing and advertising efforts. In most cases, your sales activities will happen in physical events, and you retain customers for longer.

Retailing mainly involves unit sales that might not be consistent, requiring frequent marketing to keep the sales funnel running.

How to Sell Wholesale Electric Scooters Online?


Now you know the benefits of selling e-scooters wholesale online, here's how to start your own.

Research the Market

Before offering an e-scooter for sale, you need a good understanding of the market for the best results. You should research the cost, legal requirements, distributors, market share, and demand in your location.

The findings from your research will determine if you will offer your product to local retailers or reach out to a broader customer base.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan is a document that highlights essential information about your e-scooter wholesale offers. This document will cover your projection, feasibility analysis, budget, business model, goals, and plans. A business plan is vital to guiding you through every step with more precision.

Source for Distributors

Research different distributors to identify sales prices, shipping options, and reputation. In most cases, you'll have to ask other electric scooter wholesalers or run searches online. When searching for your distributor, you should consider factors like flexibility, customization options, price per unit, and warranty.

Set up your Digital Storefront

If you want to sell electric scooters online, you need to open a digital storefront for your offers. If you have technical expertise, you can set up a website with payment methods, inventory management, and other options.

Otherwise, you can join an ecommerce platform like that allows you to reach millions of users.

Selling e-scooters on Alibaba guarantees access to a customizable storefront, advertising, and inventory management tools. You can also access resources to help you build your business in the global commerce industry.

Set up Logistics and Shipping Processes

Once you have listed your items on your digital storefront, you must set up logistics processes. This step involves defining the available shipping options and payment methods for each. It should include delivery methods like doorstep or pickup location.

If you use a third-party delivery agent or handle them yourself, you should also set up the processes for each method.

What happens when a customer requests an item? Is it delivered within 24 hours from your warehouse or directly from the manufacturer? These are some other factors to include in your set-up process.

Monitor Trends and Analytics to Refine your Strategy

The electric scooter industry is still evolving with new trends and customization options. You should constantly monitor the news, industry, and your sales analytics to extract valuable insights.

These insights will enable you to refine your strategy and position yourself to take on new opportunities or markets.

Tips for a Successful Electric Scooter Business

If you want to run a successful electric scooter business, you must deliver excellent customer service, understand the market, and constantly evolve with trends.


Optimize Product Listings and Checkout Processes

When selling e-scooters on digital platforms like or your website, clarity is vital to success. You must ensure that each product has a clear description detailing the model, price, features, and other details.

Also include keywords that your target audience uses when searching for these products. Combining proper description with optimization will ensure you get better visibility and sales.

Offer Reliable and High-quality Electric Scooters

Selling poor-quality scooters will ruin your business and lead to losses. You should source reliable manufacturers with quality products to ensure your customers always get the best.

Endeavor to test the products before shipping them out, and return faulty units to the manufacturer for replacement. When you consistently deliver quality, you build a reputation that leads to referrals and profit for your business.

Stay Flexible and Adapt to Changing Market Trends

The e-scooter market can evolve anytime, and staying flexible allows you to adjust quickly. Embracing flexibility enables you to tailor your strategies, products, and services to align with changing customer preferences and market dynamics.

Research the Market and Set Competitive Prices

Conducting thorough market research frequently helps you to understand pricing trends and competitors' advantages. You can use that information to set competitive prices that reflect the value of your electric scooters.

Striking a balance between pricing and value is a game changer that can attract customers and boost profitability.

Encourage Satisfied Customers to Leave Reviews

Positive feedback builds trust with potential customers and serves as social proof, enhancing reputation and credibility in the market.

Encouraging your customers to provide feedback through direct request or incentivized methods. With reviews, you can see areas that need to be better and opportunities for growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when pricing my electric scooter for sale?

When pricing your electric scooter for sale, consider factors like the scooter's age, condition, brand, any modifications or enhancements made, battery health, and market demand.

You should also research similar models' current prices in the secondary market to make sure your price is competitive. Don't forget to factor in any additional accessories or features that could increase its value.

How can I make my electric scooter more appealing to potential buyers?

You can make your electric scooter more appealing to potential buyers by highlighting its unique features, such as top speed, battery life, and special functions.

Ensuring the scooter is clean and in excellent working condition and providing high-quality photos or videos can also boost its appeal.

Finally, offering competitive pricing relative to market standards and the scooter's condition and age can attract more buyers.

What kind of information should I include in my electric scooter listing?

In your electric scooter listing, include details about the scooter's model, speed, range, charging time, and features like lights or app compatibility.

Additionally, explain the scooter's condition (new or used), the price, and potentially some high-quality photos. You should also highlight any warranties or after-sales services.

Are there any legal requirements for selling used electric scooters?

Yes, legal requirements for selling used electric scooters vary by location. They may include ensuring the scooter meets safety standards or providing accurate information about condition and history. Always consult local regulations to determine what applies in your area.

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