Do you have a Hero SKU?

Kwontavious Billingsley FEBRUARY 28, 20204 MIN READ
Do you have a Hero SKU?

Importance of having a Hero SKU

Anyone attempting to establish an e-commerce business must meet the fundamental requirement of finding a product to sell. Of course, the more products you sell, the more potential revenue you can generate. Among your product portfolio, having a hero SKU is an excellent way to maintain stability and achieve a positive growth rate.

Why should you care about having a Hero SKU?

Once you have products to sell, the next logical step is to find customers to sell these to. In other words, you must drive traffic to your site. The best and most long-lasting method to attract people is through unique, high-quality, and well-targeted content. Having a hero SKU can help you focus your content to dominate niches or minimum viable segments. Offering too many products in too many categories can often cause your business strategy to become too scattered. If your top SKU is chosen carefully, you will benefit from organic traffic based on keyword searches that match your product. Adjusting the rest of your catalogue to complement your hero SKU can also help you retain and convert a lot more traffic.

How can you pick your Hero SKU?

Category trends can help you identify potential candidates for your top SKU. Any product chosen based on a trend has an inherent high level of demand. However, keep in mind that many of these trends are temporary and attitudes can shift at any time.

Your sales record is another excellent source of information that can help you select a hero SKU. By making a selection based on your own data, you can ensure a correlation between your best-selling item and your top SKU without having to experiment.

Customer trends are very similar to category trends. Instead of examining specific products and categories, pay close attention to the behaviors of your target customers. Changes in taste, habits, or cultural practices can give you clues as to how and where they will choose to spend their resources next.

How can you market your Hero SKU?

Product Showcase: This Alibaba feature allows you to select the products that you wish to advertise most heavily. These products will then have a higher priority ranking than others and will be placed on your homepage.

Top display in your mini-site: If simply featuring a product on your homepage is not enough, give it the most prominent spot by placing it at the top. This way, you ensure that your hero SKU will always be the first product that your customers see.

Details page: To further emphasize the importance of your hero SKU, create an entire separate page detailing all the benefits of your product. This additional page will also provide you a space to add more complementary media such as videos and guides.


Having multiple categories of items to sell is not a bad thing. Yet, focusing on your best of the best offering can be effective as well. Choose a hero product to drive your content and sales. By generating posts and content around a profitable SKU, the traffic on your site will become more organic and highly-targeted. Finding the ideal hero product can be an easy process if you pay attention to the right resources. Category and customer trends along with your own sales records can tell you everything you need to know about good-performing SKUs. Once you have selected your hero SKU simply make sure to give it the proper exposure it deserves. Add it to your product showcase, give it a top spot on your site, and include as much supplementary content as you can. By following these simple strategies, a hero SKU can quickly increase the performance of your business.