Brand awareness: The ultimate guide for 2023 SEPTEMBER 29, 20229 MIN READ
Brand awareness: The ultimate guide for 2023

Understanding brand awareness is essential for companies that want to scale their business in 2023.

That's because brand awareness is a driving force behind attracting potential customers and creating meaningful connections with your existing customer base. On average, 65% of a company's business is from repeat customers1.

There are many strategies for how to create and elevate your brand awareness. Implementing a strategy based on consistency and value is the first step toward success.

We'll break down brand awareness, why it's essential, and how to build, increase and measure it. Your 2023 business and marketing strategies are waiting to be improved!

Increasing your brand awareness can help you sell on and any other platforms you sell on. There is no downside to increasing the number of consumers that know and recognize your brand.

Open a seller account, increase your brand awareness, and watch your company boom in 2023!

What is brand awareness?

If you find yourself Googling "what is brand awareness," don't worry. We're here to help!

Brand awareness describes the degree of consumer recognition of a brand, product, or business2.

By creating brand awareness, you are ensuring that your brand is recognizable by consumers. When growing your brand or promoting your products, brand awareness will help old customers know you and new customers find you.

The higher your brand awareness, the higher your sales, and conversions will be3.

By employing a strategic brand awareness plan, people all over the world recognize Nike shoes. They're not technically different from other shoe brands; however, their marketing and brand awareness has led consumers to identify and favor their brand.

Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness is essential to promote a product or company, especially in 2023.

There are four main reasons why brand awareness is essential, and we will explain all of them.

Brand awareness

More visibility for your brand

You'll increase your brand's overall visibility by creating a recognizable and identifiable brand or product with brand awareness.

A consistent and thorough brand awareness strategy will focus on reaching new consumers and educating them about your products and offerings.

If you make your products super recognizable, to the point where someone knows the brand without a logo, it displays how well known your business is.
And when your business is well known, it creates desirability for consumers. It also makes decision-making easier for consumers.

Help consumers make decisions

Say you're thirsty and you'd like a soft drink. You'll need to decide which soft drink you'd like to purchase.

There are many options for soft drinks, but you'll likely think of the leading players in the industry, like Coke or Pepsi.

Both companies have employed a brand awareness strategy that makes you think of them when you're thirsty.

With a strategy brand awareness plan, you'll be able to help consumers make the most critical decision: purchasing your products.

By communicating the benefits and value of your products, you help consumers decide to purchase your products.

Increased sales and traffic

Strong brand awareness strategies lead to increased metrics like conversions and website traffic.

Consumers are often distracted by the number of options they have when shopping. By allowing your brand to be well known and recognizable, you'll be able to channel customers to your platforms more directly.

Consumers go through many steps on a shopping journey: the awareness stage, research stage, consideration stage, decision stage, and advocacy stage. Brand awareness can help lead your customer through these stages and bring them to the end of the journey where they make a purchase.

Create loyal customers

Creating loyal customers is important for all businesses. And since brand awareness can help with this, that explains why it's important too.

By getting recognition and appreciation from your customers through brand awareness, you make them more likely to shop with you again.

And creating repetitive, loyal customers will help your business succeed.

By having strong brand awareness and loyal customers, you can help your shoppers reach the advocacy stage, where they promote your business independently.

How to build brand awareness?

contact with

If you're starting from scratch with a brand awareness strategy, don't worry. Building your brand awareness is easy.

The main goal is to communicate your brand's story at every opportunity.

Sharing consistent and engaging marketing material is a great way to tell your brand's story. Explain what you stand for and what problem your business solves.

Find a way to connect with audiences, so they genuinely want to be part of your story. If you're using social media, giveaways and encouraging user-generated content are great ways to include audiences in your story.

Showing your brand stands for something and connecting with consumers' emotions will help you remain memorable and recognizable. And the next time consumers are shopping for your product, perhaps they'll remember your brand.

Identifying other potential avenues to help your business become more discoverable is also key to building brand awareness. Consider starting a podcast or sharing blog posts to increase your reach.

Another significant way to increase brand awareness is to list your products on platforms like Online marketplaces help new customers discover your products and your brand.

Shoppers can search for products and become familiar with your brand through online marketplaces. has many benefits for brand awareness, such as your digital storefront and educational product listing options.

Establishing a presence on multiple digital platforms is a great way to build brand awareness, even if you're just starting.

How to increase brand awareness?

We've shared why brand awareness is important and how to build it. Now we're going to share how to increase it.

Once you establish your brand on multiple platforms, you'll need to continue with thoughtful output. Consistency is a significant component of brand awareness so that consumers can recognize and remember your brand.

Partnerships, advertising, referrals, and influencer marketing are great ways to extend your reach on established platforms and social media platforms.

Partnering with other brands to enhance your marketing campaigns can help you reach new target audiences. Partnerships are mutually beneficial as they allow both parties access to their respective audiences. Be sure to select a relevant brand to partner with and create the partnership of your dreams!

Advertising also helps you reach new customers. Digital and social media advertising is a great way to attract the right people while telling your story, as viewers can see your ads and your already established profile. That's what makes advertising a great way to increase brand awareness.

Setting up a referral program on your website or within your email marketing helps consumers do the hard work of spreading the news about your business. Offer discounts or rewards for referrals, and your audience will attract more members for you!

Finally, influencer marketing, like partnerships, allows you to reach new target audiences through the profiles of other established personas.

The main benefit of influencer marketing is having a reputable, well-known person recommend your brand to their loyal followers. It does wonders for brands of all industries.

How to measure brand awareness?

There are a few ways to measure brand awareness; some will work better than others. What's important is choosing the path that reflects your business's goals.


If you have the time and means to conduct surveys, they are an excellent tool for measuring brand awareness - and countless other things!

With surveys, you can question consumers about how they found your brand, their opinions on your products or services, the perceived value of your offerings, and more.

Surveys are a great way to explore the opinions of consumers and how your brand performs in their eyes.

Surveys yield the best results when there's an incentive for consumers to participate, such as a free offer or a discount code. Offering an incentive is worth it if it will provide valuable insights into the mind of your shoppers.

Brand awareness

Website traffic

Keeping a consistent eye on your website traffic and running frequent reports will help you to identify trends with your website visitors.

If you see a significant increase in website traffic from Instagram after running an Instagram campaign, you can find insights into how effective your marketing campaign is.

Running reports that look at comparative data, such as year-over-year timelines, will show you how much your website traffic has increased in specific timespans.

A significant change in website traffic over a year indicates that your brand awareness is growing, and more people are visiting your site to shop!

Search data

There are excellent tools on the internet that examine search terms, keywords, and their volume and popularity.

Tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planning and Google Search Console will share valuable insights that help you learn what consumers are searching for and if they're searching for your brand or products.

By learning about shoppers' behaviors, you can identify how well your brand awareness strategy is working and if searches for your brand are increasing.

It can also help you pivot your strategies to target specific keywords and searches to help new shoppers discover your company or website.

Social media

Paying attention to users on social media that interact with your brand is another way to measure brand awareness.

If your follower and subscriber lists are increasing, you can see that your brand awareness strategy is working.

You can also search terms or keywords to understand how often your brand is being talked about online and what people say.

The benefit of this measurement technique is the information shared online is often unfiltered and honestly reflects consumer opinions.

Final thoughts

If you're ready to grow your business with a brand awareness strategy, you're in the right place. is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. By opening a seller account and using the platform, you'll be able to reach new target audiences easily.

Plus, in addition to increased reach and customer acquisition, has an abundance of helpful resources. Valuable insights, professional services, and informative articles are all included with seller accounts.

An effective brand awareness strategy can send previous customers to your store and attract new customers on the platform.

Getting started on with five simple steps:

  1. Open a seller account
  2. Post your products
  3. Develop your storefront with brand awareness in mind
  4. Connect with customers
  5. Make some sales!

Open a seller account today to pair with your brand awareness strategy and watch your business succeed.

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