ApexBrasil Agency and Alibaba signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Alibaba.com SEPTEMBER 19, 20225 MIN READ
ApexBrasil Agency and Alibaba signed a Memorandum of Understanding

The Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) held a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing ceremony with Alibaba Group to deepen their cooperation on cross-border e-commerce platforms during the China International Fair for Trade in Services on September 3, 2022. Under the framework of the MoU, the two parties will expand cooperation and strengthen Brazilian enterprises’ e-commerce, cross-border trade, and digitalization, thus accelerating the deepening of digital cross-border trade, and creating more opportunities for Brazilian products to be exported to Asian and global markets through e-commerce.

Under the framework of the MoU, the “Made in Brazil” national pavilion will be launched on Alibaba’s international website. 100 local companies with e-commerce experience in the platform’s hottest-selling industries will join “Made in Brazil” label, many of them receiving settlement support and subsidies from ApexBrasil. Alibaba.com provides exclusive services for operations as well as B2B distribution services for customized Brazilian exports. In addition, in order to cultivate Brazil’s digital economy talents and support the development of the local e-commerce ecosystem, ApexBrasil and Alibaba agreed to jointly promote a digital economy training program in Brazil to educate Brazilian entrepreneurs as well as professionals and students in digital trade and relevant fields and provide a solid foundation for the industry’s future development.

In 2021, Brazil’s e-commerce sales increased by 35%. Brazilian companies’ sales in China through Alibaba’s e-commerce platform are projected to reach US$ 253 million, with food products particularly in high demand by Chinese consumers. ApexBrasil has established close cooperation with Alibaba. In addition to promoting Brazilian companies’ global sales, ApexBrasil is also taking this opportunity to enhance Brazilian companies’ understanding of the Chinese market and its opportunities, hence deepening their cooperation with Alibaba’s retail channels. With continuous support, ApexBrasil is accelerating the digitalization and globalization of Brazilian SMEs and Brazilian companies are enthusiastic about joining Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms. Since 2021, ApexBrasil has reached 370 Brazilian companies interested in selling through Alibaba.com with the Acceleration program in Digital Platforms.

The expanding cooperation between ApexBrasil and Alibaba over the years has carried out fruitful results. Since June this year, Brazilian companies and Alibaba successfully promoted the intention of 2 key companies to export their products to China, Brazilian specialty coffee SANTA MONIKA, a well-known Brazilian brand, and the juice brand NATURAL ONE. The signing and approval of the two contracts are expected to be completed in September with the first order placed in October. They will cooperate with Alibaba Group’s hybrid (online and offline) platform to introduce Brazil’s high-quality products to the Chinese market.

Lucas Fiuza, Business Director of ApexBrasil said: “ApexBrasil has been working diligently to promote international e-commerce so that Brazilian companies can expand their export options to include e-commerce. Specifically, I would like to highlight the successful projects we have started with Alibaba.com so that more Brazilian companies can learn how to use this international platform for selling their products. I would also like to send a special message to all companies who are following us. Brazil is the right place for your business, and ApexBrasil is how you find the best deals. Think Big, Think Brazil.”

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