20 hottest makeup dropshipping products to sell in 2022

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20 hottest makeup dropshipping products to sell in 2022

Dropshipping is by far the simplest and most practical method of selling makeup products online. The online retailer does not actually hold or handle any products. Instead, the dropshipping supplier is in charge of inventory management and shipment.

In this article we will introduce the hottest makeup dropshipping products to sell in 2022, highlighting why makeup products are highly profitable to dropship. We will also provide some tips you can use for dropshipping makeup products, with some insight on a B2B marketplace you can do all your dropshipping from.

Let’s start by looking at why dropshipping makeup products is a profitable business in 2022.

Why dropship makeup products?

Despite a 3.3% drop in 2020 caused by the pandemic, the global beauty, and personal care industry is entering a recovery phase.1

The global cosmetics markets' income increased by almost eight billion dollars to 80.74 billion dollars in 2021. Sales are expected to exceed $100 billion by 2022 and will reach over 131 billion dollars by 2026.2

Makeup products is a sector with a large number of high-demand products. By opening an online business in this niche, you will not only be entering a recovering market, but you will also be benefiting from an ever-growing trend. With the right business strategy, it can be a very lucrative niche to explore. Dropshipping makeup and beauty products are one of those niches where many individuals spend money on products they don't always require. As a result, high-quality inventory and competitive pricing can help you succeed in this industry.

You might be skeptical though, and are wondering if there really is room for another foundation? Another matte lipstick? How can you make your products stand out in a competitive and crowded market? How can a new mascara stand out amongst thousands of others?

Fortunately, for a long time, eCommerce solutions and access to manufacturing resources have revolutionized beauty, opening up an industry that was formerly dominated by a few major corporations. Surprisingly, there is still space. Trends and niche markets emerge on a daily basis, ready to be tapped.

Here are some key reasons why dropshipping makeup products is a profitable business idea:

1. A niche that is always growing

Makeup is an evergreen niche, as the demand for it is continuously growing. Despite current trends and economic difficulties, people continue to purchase it as the cost is relatively low and people consider it a “necessity”. People nowadays value self-care, feeling good, and looking good.

2. Purchases in bulk and recurring consumers

Furthermore, when it comes to beauty products like makeup, people are more likely to buy in quantity and make repeat purchases. It's not often someone will purchase a single eye-liner. Chances are if they've come online to shop for makeup they'll be stocking up on their mascara, eyebrow pencil, or makeup brushes too! If a woman likes the new blusher she got from your store, she will probably come back to buy it again!

3. Online sales are on the rise

Customers currently prefer to buy makeup online, therefore starting a dropshipping business in this niche is a fantastic idea. You can also capitalize on social media by promoting your products on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok.

Now that we’ve covered why dropshipping makeup can be a profitable business, let’s take a look at a list of the best dropshipping products to sell in this coming year that are the hottest for makeup.

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20 hottest makeup dropshipping products to sell in 2022

In 2020, the US eye cosmetics segment generated around $1.96 billion; facial cosmetics became the second most profitable segment with sales revenue equaling $1.9 billion.3

So as you can see, a makeup dropshipping store is a must! From contoured and diffused lips to bold brows and statement eyes, let's check out the trendiest and hottest makeup products!

1. Lip stain

Inspired by Asian culture, lip stains are a fantastic product as they help create diffused lips, which is totally trending right now. The focus is on the center of the lips which features soft and subtle stains, rather than the edges. The result is a natural, stained look that appears effortless.

When you want to wear a bold color but don't want to constantly check your chin for smudges, lip stains are ideal. They are a thin, glossy, or watery composition that provides a hit of pigment.

2. Luminous dewy foundation

The whole “no-makeup makeup” look is very hot right now, and stocking a product that helps achieve this could be one of your best dropshipping products. Using a face moisturizer in combination with a luminous dewy foundation, will provide minimal coverage but with a glowing finish. You can spot cover with a medium- to the full-coverage foundation for added coverage.

3. Lash extensions/Magnetic lashes

Lash extensions and magnetic lashes are excellent additions to your beauty dropshipping business since they help to reduce the use of harsh chemicals near the eyes. Lash extensions have made it simpler to get full, long, and dark lashes over time without the need for eyelash curlers, mascara, and other lash accessories.

Fake lashes have been really popular products for a long time and continue to be trendy in 2022, so they are definitely worth investing in!

4. Tanning serum

Influencer-driven makeup trends like contouring and baking have boosted makeup sales. And with warmer weather approaching, a bronzed look is quickly becoming the most popular. Try touring (contouring with self-tanner), instead of using a bronzer to achieve a chiseled effect.

Mix a few drops of tanning serum into your moisturizer and apply to the places you want to contour (i.e., nose, cheek line, jaw, etc.). It blends in seamlessly and has a natural, long-lasting appearance.

5. 3-in-1 makeup sponge

Some favor brushes, while others prefer sponges. Due to their material, sponges tend to mix better than natural hair and synthetic brushes. This 3-in-1 sponge is perfect as it features three distinct surfaces to seamlessly apply and blend powders, creams, and liquids.

The precision tip is perfect for covering blemishes and targeting smaller areas, while the rounded edges work to smoothly blend broader parts of the face with a dabbing motion. For a precise and sculpted finish, use the flat edge to apply and blend, contour and highlight.

6. Bright blush

Blush has returned, and it's hotter than ever. One of the newest makeup trends this season is statement blush — and even perhaps over-blushing. Brighter color choices, such as vivid peach and dramatic pink, are popular right now. To make the perfect statement, suck in your cheeks and drag the blush towards the temple and into the crease of the eye. Who knew how you apply your makeup could be a trend too!

7. Plumping lip-liner

Plumping lip-liners create the perfect contoured pout which is very in keeping with the contoured lip trend this year.

This versatile liner plumps, lines, and defines lips to their fullest and luscious potential. A built-in brush makes it simple to color, blend, and contour.

8. Eyebrow enhancers

Makeup this year is all about accentuating your best features and expressing your personality.

Eyebrows have become just as important as the shade of lipstick you wear. They define your face and everyone is wanting fuller, thicker and longer eyebrows these days. Some great eyebrow enhancers are a brow pomade or a tinted brow gel that will really enhance your favorite features. Gradually build up your confidence with a lighter application initially before you apply more.

9. Glossier stretch concealer

Unfortunately, not everyone has a clear and spot-free complexion. Concealers are a god-send for those who wish to cover up any acne or blemishes. Demand for them is ever-increasing, especially when consumers feel more confident with the right shade for their skin type. Your business will be sure to have repeat buyers if you pride yourself on good-quality concealers.

With a dewy, glowy look, this buildable concealer covers everything from dark circles to blemishes and redness. The flexible mineral pigments brighten the complexion and mix in effortlessly for a natural-looking finish.

10. Highlighter

Highlighters brighten your face and give it a dewy sheen, as well as make your cheekbones appear more prominent. They also reactivate dull or aging skin and highlight your preferred facial features in a subtle, natural way - they're not designed to make you appear shiny or sparkling, but rather to provide light and draw attention to a certain area. For an out-of-this-world glow, a highlighter is a must!

11. Shine lip gel

For some extra sparkle, a shine lip gel is a perfect addition to any person’s makeup bag! It gives that glossy finish without feeling sticky and has the perfect amount of pink tones to help enhance the natural color of your lips.

12. Under-eye brightening corrector

For those with heavier dark circles, where a concealer alone doesn't provide coverage, an eye-corrector is the go-to! Start with the eye corrector and finish off with a concealer for the perfect cover-up. Who knew something so small could be so powerful!

13. Liquid blush

For quite some time powder makeup was the only option. Powder makeup, especially foundation, bronzer, and blush, can leave your skin looking dry and cakey. If you want radiant, natural-looking skin with a youthful glow, the liquid is a secret weapon you should start using right away.

Liquid blush often lasts far longer, blends in more smoothly, can be built up gradually, and provides a hydrated flush that won't dry out your skin.

14. Liquid eye-liner

When your eye makeup is on point, your entire face can look striking. Eye-liners are a great makeup product to dropship. They are all about definition! Especially liquid eye-liners that emphasize the base of your eyelashes to make them look fuller and thicker.

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15. SPF primer

Primers are great as they are so versatile. Whether you add them as your first layer of makeup, or you use them as a light coverage foundation for a non-cakey glow, the choice is entirely yours! With summer round the corner, using a primer with SPF is a simple way to add a layer of sun protection into your daily routine. It helps in the smoother application of your makeup and lasts longer, helping with fine lines and blurring imperfections.

16. Powder foundation

Although we mentioned that liquid makeup lasts longer and blends better, if you’re stocking makeup products in your online store you will need to target multiple skin types. For those with oilier skin and more prone to redness, a powder foundation can softly mattify the skin and mask blemishes for a flawless complexion. The pressed powders are also great for touch-ups on-the-go, making them a must-have in any cosmetic bag.

17. Double-sided eye-liner liquid & pencil

This two-in-one eyeliner comes with a super-smooth pencil and a matte liquid felt tip for an almost permanent look. Be bold and use both at once, with the liquid on your eyelid for a cat eye and finish with the pencil for your bottom waterline - now that's a trendy look!

18. Buffer brush

This is fantastic for buffing out any type of foundation, especially liquid foundation. It gives you a wonderful flawless finish. The outside rim of the bristles can be used for more definition around the cheeks and then blended outwards.

19. 4D volume mascara

Mascara is such a transformational makeup staple that even the most low-maintenance of us own one. A decent mascara will darken and define your lashes, but a fantastic mascara will open your eyes and make them appear larger and brighter.

When it comes to trends, being bold and dramatic is a match made in heaven. A drama volumizing mascara will reach lashes you never knew you had for a bold appearance without the mascara clump. It is carefully created to amplify and give 4D volume to your lashes to level up your entire look. Add impact to your entire day with one effortless application.

20. Brow wax

It might be hard to keep up with so many different makeup products. But we couldn’t finish off our list without this hot and trendy number! Fluffy laminated brows are extremely in right now. Brow wax is a great way to lift, tame, and sculpt hairs into the right place without them looking stiff. It’s easy to use and gives a long-lasting hold and helps to tame wild brows for full-bodied brows, making it ideal for achieving that feathery and fluffy effect.

So these are 20 of our top choices for the hottest and trendiest makeup products to sell in 2022. Now let’s look at some tips for how you can dropship them.

9 tips for dropshipping makeup products

It can be overwhelming to build a dropshipping makeup store on your own. So here are some tips to help you get started in the right direction.

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1. Create brand awareness

To begin, choose the products you wish to offer in your e-commerce store. With so many big brands, the makeup industry is very competitive. Hopefully, the list above will help you get started, or perhaps you can focus on a specific product category such as makeup brushes and sponges that are eco-friendly.

Once you've decided on your niche of products, create a brand for yourself by advertising them online. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including using various social media platforms and engaging the support of influencers, which we will discuss in later points.

Building brand awareness can help you stand out from the competition, so it is crucial to do this as a first step.

2. Select makeup products appropriate for your audience

You should concentrate on a certain target audience and choose products based on their preferences and needs, depending on the niche you've decided to focus on.

Determine what this target audience likes and dislikes, and then offer the right products that fit their preferences. Those are the best products that are likely to sell well.

Google Trends is a useful tool for discovering what people in your area and around the world are searching for in your particular niche, by displaying the most popular search results.

3. Work with the top dropshipping suppliers

If your dropshipping provider fails to meet his end of the bargain, all of your efforts will be for nothing. Finding trusted suppliers that will supply you with a dependable working environment is critical when starting a dropshipping business.

Consider the following factors when choosing a supplier: product quality, pricing, customer service, and reliability. Evaluate each factor carefully and decide which is best for your company.

4. Focus on the consumer

You must be customer-focused as a dropshipping business owner. Many new entrepreneurs believe that they are not responsible for customer satisfaction. However, that is exactly what you should be prioritizing if you want your dropshipping business to flourish. Value your consumers and address their complaints to keep them coming back.

5. Advertise on social media

Social media is probably the best approach to promoting and exhibiting your makeup products. It's critical to maintain active social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. You can build a following thereby publishing engaging information for your intended demographic. You can advertise your products on these platforms as well. As a result, you will be able to boost product sales and track customer feedback.

6. Display your products online

Another excellent strategy to increase online sales is to place your products online, where customers can quickly learn about them and purchase them.

Find a provider that allows you to create an e-commerce website with a product catalog, pertinent information such as product descriptions, pricing, a cart or purchase button, contact information, and social media links.

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7. Create promotions

Everyone enjoys receiving discounts and offers. So, if you have a blog or social media account, attempt to interact with your customers through competitions and promotions.

For example, with sample giveaways, special offers, buy one get one free, 10% off deals, gifts for purchasing an item or an online competition that will involve the use of your product, etc.

Anything that might stimulate interest in your products or brand should work.

8. Connect with influencers

In the beauty industry, a professional's recommendation can play a big part in the success of your business. So, if you can discover an influencer willing to work with you and promote your brand, your company might reach new heights.

Connecting with influencers that have a tiny following of a few thousand followers is usually a solid option. You can give them numerous incentives in exchange for their work, such as free product samples or small cash payments.

By properly interacting with influencers, you will be able to identify a new audience to target.

9. Customer reviews and testimonials

Testimonials and reviews can play an even greater part in developing your brand's/products reputation. When someone buys a product, invite them to complete a brief survey on it. Alternatively, if they enjoy it, they can leave a review.

To make it more credible, request a written testimonial that includes the person's name. Alternatively, encourage your consumers to create a video explaining how they use your product.

When you receive these testimonials, post them on your blog or social media platforms in strategic places. In addition, you can use testimonials in your marketing materials.

How to dropship from Alibaba.com

You must know how to locate and collaborate with effective, trustworthy suppliers if you want to launch a successful eCommerce business. Many businesses nowadays look to countries like China for the greatest discounts, especially as international product sourcing is easier than ever.

However, getting products from the other side of the globe is not always simple. Time zones, language barriers, and untrustworthy suppliers are just a few of the obstacles you'll have to overcome in order to succeed. Choosing the right platform for dropshipping is crucial. For a detailed overview on how to dropship from one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, take a look at this guide, and learn how to get started with Alibaba.com.

Sell on Alibaba.com

Starting any online business can be daunting, especially dropshipping where you need to put a lot of trust in other people, for example, suppliers. But with the right guidance, research, and strategy, there is no reason for your business not to succeed.

Open a seller account and start your dropshipping journey with Alibaba.com. You can reach millions of B2B buyers globally, which will give you a great chance to establish your brand, thrive, and turn it into a successful business. Plus with all our tips on the hottest and trendiest makeup products in 2022, you’ll be sure to get a flying start!

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