12 Children's Day gift ideas for 2022: Alibaba.com’s top picks

Alibaba.com MAY 26, 20225 MIN READ
12 Children's Day gift ideas for 2022: Alibaba.com’s top picks

Children’s Day is just around the corner!

This holiday is the perfect time to celebrate and appreciate the liveliness and youthfulness of children. Many countries celebrate Children’s Day on June 12, but some nations observe it on different days throughout the month of June.

Since many parents and caretakers will buy Children’s Day gifts for their little ones, retailers are wise to stock up on the season's most popular children’s items.

Let’s review 12 toys and gifts that retailers should stock up on ahead of Children’s Day 2022.

1. Light-up toys

Light-up toys are a hot pick this year. Some light-up items are functional, while others are purely for entertainment.

Some of the most popular light-up toys include lotus bobo balls, lightsabers, flashlight projectors, bobo ball flash sticks, and LED ice cubes.

The light-up mechanism makes any sort of toy or accessory more fun.

2. Double expression octopus

Double expression octopus toys are another hot buy. These sea creatures are known for their happy and sad expressions that can be changed with a simple flip. This toy has become popular on social media, so it is a favorite among kids and teens.

There are some different variations of the double expression octopus including plastic ones with Pop Its and soft plush ones.

3. Summer accessories

Children’s Day comes right in time to kick off summer vacation in a lot of different countries. With summer comes many opportunities for outdoor playtime.

Summer accessories, such as bathing suits, hats, sandals, and sunglasses, are great gifts for little ones who are ready to partake in some fun in the sun.

4. Water toys

Water activities are a favorite among many kids since they offer both a fun pastime and a way to cool off in the summer heat.

Slip-n-slides, pool toys, beach toys, and water guns are awesome for some summertime water fun. What’s nice about these gifts is that there are options for all ages.

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5. Sports toys

Want to stock items that will get kids outside and encourage active playtime? Sports toys are the way to go.

Balls, nets, sports gear, and outdoor games are great gifts to keep kids active and entertained for hours. Like water toys, there are plenty of sports toy options for all ages.

6. Play figurines

Many small children love to play pretend, and little dolls and figurines are the perfect toys to allow their imaginations to run wild.

There are play figurines that mimic most life-size items. You can find anything from little dolls and animals to entire kitchen and grocery store sets. There are tons of options for kids with all different interests.

7. Cars and trucks

Toy cars and trucks are a classic favorite among little ones. They see the adults in their lives drive cars all the time, and the child-sized versions let them get in on the action.

What’s nice about toy cars is that there are opinions for all ages, ranging from basic dump trucks to remote control sports cars.

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8. Fidget toys

A few years back, fidget spinners opened the gates to the world of fidget toys. While the fidget spinner craze has died down, a variety of other fidget toys have risen in popularity.

Some popular fidgets include Pop Its, stress balls, fidget cubes, and squishes.

Each of these fidgets comes in many different varieties. Pop Its is especially well known for having a plethora of designs, styles, and colors.

9. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are good gifts for little ones who love to express themselves creatively. A few popular arts and craft items include washable paints, coloring books, construction paper, washable glue, piper cleaners, and crayons.

10. Sensory toys

Sensory play is popular for infants and toddlers who are developing their fine motor skills and learning to explore different sensory inputs.

Some popular sensory toys include crinkly paper toys, teething toys, sorter sets, and water tables.

11. Children’s books

Children’s books are a great gift for those who are looking to instill the love of reading and learning into their little ones. Since there are so many wonderful published authors, it’s easy to find books that match the reading level and interests of just about any kid.

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12. Drones

Drones are a great pick for kids that are a little bit older. Some drones are just fun to fly around, and others have cameras for capturing videos with a bird’s eye view.

The nice thing about drones is that there are options for every budget ranging from cheap basic drones to more advanced drones with high-quality cameras.

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