10 best vegan products to sell online

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10 best vegan products to sell online

Vegan products are one of the trending products in the food and beverage industry. As more people are switching to a plant-based diet, vegan products have seen an increasing market globally. In this short article, we provide you 10 incredible vegan products you should start selling online to seize the opportunity.

An overview of the size and scale of the vegan business market

According to recent data, the vegan food market was valued at $14.2 billion in 20181 and is expected to grow to $31.4 billion by 2026. CAGR (compound annual growth rate) expects the market to expand by 9.6% by 2025 due to a significant shift in consumer behavior in relation to animal products. With consumers becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability and growing concerns about the impact humans have on the environment, the demand for vegan products will continue to rise.

According to recent data, online search volumes for ‘vegan food’ have grown by 77%2 in the past couple of years, higher than any other eco-conscious category. 7% of millennials now follow a vegan lifestyle and plant-based diet,3 which reflects a 400,000 participant sign-up for Veganuary, a month-long event designed to encourage more people to avoid animal products in 2020. Now factor in the vast amount of health benefits that can be achieved by switching to a plant-based diet, such as lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cholesterol, and it’s clear that the vegan business market is about to undergo rapid expansion.

In fact, The Vegan Society states that the meat-free food demand grew by 987% from 2012 to 2017.4 The search term is now Googled three times more than gluten-free and vegetarian products.5 This dramatic shift in consumer behavior can be seen worldwide, with North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific now home to a large vegan population. But, while many vegans chose to avoid animal products based on health concerns and animal cruelty, lactose intolerant millennials are also contributing to the vegan food market growth. 65% of the global population is lactose intolerant, which increases the demand for dairy alternative food items.

So, if you are thinking about supporting the vegan community online and moving into the plant-based market this year, let’s take a look at the top 10 best vegan products to sell online.

10 best vegan products to sell online

1: Plant-based meat alternatives

The alternative meat market in the US alone accounts for around 3.3 billion USD. In Italy, sales of vegan meat substitutes were valued at 2.25 billion USD in 2018 and have continued to rise. In response to such a growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives, even global fast-food chains have now introduced meat-free burgers and fake chicken to their menus. In 2019, KFC first launched their Beyond Fried Chicken, and this year (2021), Burger King has released their Burger King Vegan Royale to the plant-based food scene. The popularity of plant-based meat alternatives can also be seen in Asia, with Beyond Burger successfully expanding from Starbucks to Freshippo, a grocery arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba.com, during the summer of 2020. So, if you’re looking to take a piece of the vegan pie online, start selling plant-based alternatives to meat, that use ingredients such as jackfruit, banana blossom, soy protein, mushrooms, and other delicious veggies, to replicate the flavor, taste, and texture of meat.

2: Soy & nut-based dairy alternatives

Whether you’re following a plant-based diet, consider yourself vegan, or you’re lactose intolerant, more people than ever before are using dairy alternatives. From soy milk lattes to vegan cheese, it can still be challenging to find high-quality soy and nut-based dairy alternatives that offer the same taste and flavor of cow’s milk or cheese. Online search inquiries for ‘dairy alternative’ have increased by 33% from January 2019 to January 2020, and the popularity of dairy-free products is set to continue. Vegan cheese often made with coconut oil is a great alternative to dairy and can be enjoyed by those who are lactose intolerant too. Almond, soy, and hemp milk are often less calorific than full-fat cows milk ideal for those watching their weight. For businesses hoping to expand into the vegan market, why not offer a product range of high-quality dairy-free milk, cheese, and butter.

3: Vegan ice cream

One of the most difficult challenges when it comes to a plant-based diet is avoiding dairy treats such as ice cream. With the global ice cream market size worth 62.4 billion USD and expected to grow by 2.87% in the next couple of years, this is a delicious product to start selling online. Although, when it comes to frozen food, trading overseas can be quite tricky. You’ll need to consider how you can keep your vegan ice cream chilled and in good condition while in transit. Alternatively, sell locally via Alibaba.com and serve local ice cream parlors and supermarkets, delighting them with creative and unique vegan ice cream flavor combinations. So, make summer more delicious by offering an alternative to ice cream and sorbet especially for the vegan community.

4: Faux leather

Synthetic or faux leather is a top vegan product that offers a cruelty-free alternative to leather goods. This market is estimated to be worth 63.3 billion USD and set to grow by a staggering 10 billion by 2025. Instead of buying a pair of leather jeans, choosing a synthetic leather alternative is not only more affordable for consumers but doesn’t involve using animal skin for fashion. Brands hoping to attract fashion-conscious vegans should focus on selling or manufacturing sustainable vegan footwear, cruelty-free faux leather jackets, and synthetic leather belts and accessories online.

5: Vegan health supplements

When you follow a plant-based diet, cutting out all traces of animal products can cause many vegans to suffer from nutrient deficiency. While food prep helps to avoid nutrient deficiency, it’s becoming more convenient for vegans to invest in health supplements that nourish the body and support the immune system. B12 helps support the nervous system, and when you have a B12 rich diet, you won’t likely experience fatigue. Since this vitamin is naturally found in meat, fish, and dairy, vegans often don’t get enough from a plant-based diet alone. This is also the case for iron, omega 3, and vitamin D. So, if you’ve got previous experience in the healthcare industry, perhaps pivoting to sell vitamins and supplements, especially for vegans, would be a good move this year.

6: Vegan cosmetics

The vegan cosmetic industry continues to grow online, with surging demand for cruelty-free cosmetics, haircare, and nail polish. Cruelty-free labels on cosmetics are now a significant contributor to online sales and if you’re able to offer vegan cosmetics and hair care or, make sure this is clear to see on product branding and within your online product descriptions. Consumers are also on the lookout for plant-based ingredients and toxic-free promises. By joining Alibaba.com you can start manufacturing and selling vegan cosmetics worldwide and connect with brands searching specifically for cruelty-free vegan make-up, haircare, and body lotions.

7: Gelatin free candy

From sour candy and giant marshmallows to rich, creamy chocolate, the global vegan confectionery market is expected to grow 11.8% from 2020 to 2027. Offering gelatin-free gummies and plant-based snacks, the vegan community is going wild for brands specializing in halal and vegan products. Due to increasing concerns regarding animal cruelty and the adverse health effects of eating animal products, rather than restrict vegans when it comes to sugary snacks, empower them with delicious sweet treats that contain no trace of animal-based ingredients.

If we consider the vegan chocolate market, Europe is expected to dominate this niche followed by North America in terms of value share. However, there is also potential for the Middle East and Latin America to experience moderate growth within this market. Manufacturers and B2B companies looking to launch vegan candy and vegan chocolate should do so quickly, and before this exciting market becomes saturated.

8: Vegan wine

Raise a glass to the vegan community and start selling vegan wine online. This particular product has enjoyed huge success over the past couple of years, spurred on by the vegan community online. In fact, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has even started to take advantage of this market and launched her own brand of clean vegan wine. Several retailers have also followed in her footsteps, extending their in-store wine collection to now include vegan alternatives. However, vegan wine is still limited in terms of flavor and variety, so this could be a really interesting market to move into. Rather than make wine using animal-based fining products to filter wine, such as egg whites and gelatine, use the power of Mother Nature with pea protein, potato, or even carbon.

9: Plant protein shakes

For all those gym bunnies and weight lifters out there trying to lead a plant-based diet, vegan protein shakes can often be a difficult product to find. However, the pea protein market is worth over 130 million and again is predicted to increase in size by 12% in the next 5 years. Whey protein, another popular vegan protein used to make protein shakes, is worth 8.7 billion, and experts predict it will grow by a further 9.8% in the next 6 years. So whether you harness the power of peas or start selling a range of whey protein shakes online, plant-based alternatives can help anyone hoping to shape up for summer achieve their fitness goals while sticking to a vegan way of life.

10: Vegan Cookbooks & Kitchen Gadgets

From spiralizers to make veggie spaghetti to plant-based cookbooks to inspire creative vegan cooking at home, kitchen gadgets are also gaining popularity within the vegan community. Kitchenware designed with vegans in mind and that offer reusable, eco-friendly qualities, is a great way to expand your product range and sell devices that will make chopping, dicing, slicing, and baking veggies a joy. Think avocado storage containers, air fryers, reusable glass clip-top jars, wooden chopping boards, and vegan cookbooks. There is plenty to list online to attract the vegan community and help new vegans feel inspired in the kitchen too.

How to start selling vegan goods on Alibaba.com

So, if you’re ready to expand into the vegan market and start listing plant-based goods and cruelty-free products online, you’ll first need to identify the right online marketplace to use.

Rather than spend a significant amount of time and money developing your own website to sell vegan products, take advantage of a well-established marketplace. Alibaba.com helps small to large scale businesses worldwide secure B2B sales online. As a leading eCommerce marketplace, this platform is specially designed for wholesale transactions.

Since China’s vegan food market is forecast to be worth around $12 billion by 2023, Alibaba.com has its own dedicated online vegetarian food market category to help customers find reliable and high-quality sellers offering veggies and vegan goods. So, whether you own a vegan wholefood store, you’re launching a new vegan cosmetics brand, or you’re a manufacturer hoping to specialize in vegan products, Alibaba.com is the place to go. With a suite of digital marketing tools ready to help businesses connect with relevant buyers and optimize sales on a global scale, sign up today as a seller. Start selling vegan products to business customers in your local area or export overseas, the power is in your hands!

To give yourself an edge over your competitors when selling vegan-friendly goods, consider rewarding customers by offering free shipping or discounts for large orders. This will help attract more customers to your profile and minimize barriers to sale that may be related to your new seller profile and lack of reviews as you first start trading online. Over time with excellent customer service and a professional approach, you can build up your presence and seller profile on Alibaba.com and grow your business even further.

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