Showcase your brand in Storefront

Use an Storefront to enhance your business by making your products discoverable to prospective buyers. Customize to reflect your branding and make the digital storefront while reaping the benefits of the B2B e-commerce marketplace.

What is it Storefronts, which are also called “Minisites,” are interactive plots of digital real estate where Gold suppliers can showcase their products. Minisite technology provides an alternative to brick-and-mortar storefronts, so sellers can expand beyond their physical confines.



Minisites on are customizable, so you can add a variety of media to reflect your brand. We encourage sellers to add photos, videos, text, and more to truly make the Storefronts their own.


Reach more buyers

Using an Minisite helps suppliers reach more buyers. In fact, currently has more than 26,000,000 active buyers from over 200 countries.


Create a company profile

Customize your company profile to showcase what your company has to offer. You’ll be prompted to add a basic overview of your company, your business type, main products you offer, certifications, patents, and other relevant credentials.


List your products

Once you’ve customized the other aspects of your Storefront, it is time to list your products on your shop page. Follow’s smart posting suggestions, and optimize your site data with titles, keywords, and more.

Use high-quality images

Media, such as photos and digital graphics, can truly enhance your Storefront. However, it is important to use high-resolution images. Not only are high-quality images more attractive and eye-catching, but they look more professional, as well.

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