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<div> <p style="margin-bottom: 0;"> Account Manager Service (AM Service) for Gold Suppliers is a deluxe consulting service on the platform. AM Service is designed to offer exclusive technical and operational support to new and existing suppliers who need extra help.</p> </div>

Unfamiliar with platform?
Sellers participating in the AM Service program have their pick of consultancy, management, and training competence delivered by experienced professionals from


Direct access to consultants is a theme that runs throughout AM Service.


We provide different management assistance from basic account setup, activities registration and preparation, digital ad operations, etc.


With AM Service, you are able to enjoy exclusive 1-on-1 consultancy based on your customized needs, in addition to the standard services and training courses provided to all.
Difficult in operations?
AM Service provides professional assistance that caters to operation needs and helps enable your storefront’s success.

Product optimization

AM Service comes with free product optimization, meaning you’ll gain the chance to assess and improve your product catalog for better sales.

Customized service

Your AM Service team will help you establish a strong digital presence and aid you with critical insights into your brand and products.

Technical competence

AM Service professionals can help you understand and maximize tools. You’ll learn what tools to use, how to unlock their full potential, and what areas of your store to target for optimal results.
Limited time & efforts?
Time is a scarce resource when running a business, especially when you have to manage online and offline operations.

Save time

AM Service provides rapid solutions to daily operations issues, helping you save time and get more done with the same resources.

Ease the workload

Setting up your account, posting products, and marketing your store are tasks that an AM Service expert can do for you, freeing you up to spend more time meeting buyers and fulfilling their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about using Official AM Service.

  • Official AM Service

    • Who will provide AM Service?

      Official professionals provide AM Service to new and existing sellers on the platform. These professionals are experienced industry and operations consultants directly from Suppliers can look forward to receiving high-quality support and training from a skilled AM Service team.
    • Who should use AM Service?

      AM Service may be a good fit for businesses that: <br/>• Require expert help to navigate the tools and resources on<br/>• Recently joined and need assistance with learning the platform<br/> • Wish to significantly improve their digital operations through expert instruction<br/>• Desire to receive extraordinary aid with issues they face while using the platform<br/>• Want sophisticated day-to-day assistance with operating their storefront while they focus their energies elsewhere
    • How is AM Service different from channel service?

      AM Service differs from channel service in terms of personnel, skills, and services. <br/>• Only trained professionals and official staff from can provide AM Service. Meanwhile, channel services are supplied by channel partner service staff. <br/>• Your AM Service team consists of website, industry, and buyer experts.<br/> • The official service directly comes from internal employees, and its service process and service content are acknowledged by the platform.
    • How much does AM Service cost?

      Contact an AM consultant or sales and service rep to receive information about AM Service packages and their pricing.