How to start selling on

Ready to go global? Your business can penetrate new markets and reach customers around the world with an seller account. Here's how to get started!

Start selling

As an seller, you're getting more than a storefront in a global marketplace. You're getting an end-to-end wholesale service platform calibrated to help you grow your business, and help you provide services to your buyers. Here's how to get up and running so you can start making sales.


Open an account

As a new seller, you may have multiple types of selling packages/plans to choose from, depending on the country your business is in. Follow a few easy steps to register for an seller account and get your Business Verification process done to build trust between you and your potential buyers. You can also choose to have a dedicated account manager who will help you through the process.

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Post your products

It's important to add all of the products in your catalog to your store. Having more products in your store increases your chances of showing up in buyers' search results. This means you'll potentially get more exposure and secure more customers as a result. <br/> You can post products individually, or streamline the process with the bulk upload tool. As you post products, the Intelligent Posting system uses AI to suggest ways to optimize each listing based on how the algorithm works, and what buyers are searching for on the site.

Learn how to build and optimize your product page

Create a storefront

On, you get a multi-page store dedicated entirely to your business, where you can create a unique digital identity to help your brand stand out and showcase your goods. Your storefront is easy to set up, with no coding or design skills necessary. This one storefront is a powerful asset because customers from anywhere in the world can find it and see your brand and products in 18 different languages auto-translated by


Reply to inquiries

After listing your products, you will begin receiving inquiries from potential buyers. As a true B2B platform, lets you own the relationship with your customers – messaging back and forth and negotiating prices. Inquiries that are responded to within four hours have 30% more follow-up responses from potential buyers, so the My Alibaba seller workbench and the AliSupplier mobile app are available to ensure you get notified when inquiries come in.

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Protect orders and payment

Ensure a positive end-to-end experience for your buyers with Trade Assurance,'s order protection and secure payments service. This service makes it easier for buyers to trust working with sellers around the world who they may never meet in person – which makes it easier for you to close the sale. This also helps you streamline your process with all messages, orders, and payment in one place.

What is Trade Assurance?

Trade Assurance protects orders from payment through delivery. It provides a secure payment platform for both the buyer and seller, ensures products arrive at the final destination on time and as expected, and provides impartial mediation if there is a dispute. Trade Assurance is only available in select countries. Be sure to activate Trade Assurance after creating your account.

Manage your account

Once you start getting inquiries and orders, it's time to optimize your process with tools built specifically for B2B wholesale trade.


Stay connected with buyers

After receiving an inquiry, you're more likely to have additional interactions with the potential buyer if you respond within four hours. To stay on top of all your messages, you can download the AliSupplier mobile app. That way you'll immediately know when you have new messages from interested businesses.

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Nurture your relationships

Unlike many other B2B platforms, wants you to interact with your customers and own your relationships. That means you have access to your potential buyers' data, as well as their contact information. Use this to stay in touch, offer deals, and keep them interested and coming back for more.


Optimize sales

Take charge of your sales by analyzing your dashboards of in-depth data to review and optimize for exposure, click volume, spend, average click cost, user growth, store visits, inquiries, orders, and more. The system will also suggest improvements based on trends within your account and the user base.


Showcase products

Get up to 43% more exposure with product showcases – the online equivalent to a window display. Select which products you want featured more prominently in your store and in search, or take's AI-based suggestions.