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Selling Opportunities with RFQ


    1, Understand Buyers

    2, Tips to Reply Inquiry

    3, Introduction and Advanced Tips for RFQ

  • Training Type: Live Online Training
  • Training Time: Wed Oct 29 14:00:00 PDT 2014 - Wed Oct 29 15:00:00 PDT 2014

E-commerce allows us to start knowing customers before meeting up with them

    MMKGLO is one of the leading Food Packaging companies in Malaysia.

    They enjoyed the efficiency in leveraging the power of e-commerce to expand their business.

    Watch the video and find out how they leverage “RFQ” in order to reach more quality buyers.

  • Training Type: Video Tutorials

Improve Product Search Ranking

    How to get higher ranking for your products?

  • Training Type: Video Tutorials

High Quality Posting

    1. Why high quality product information is important for online business?

    2. How to post a high quality product?

  • Training Type: Video Tutorials

Customized Minisite

    1. What is Customized Minisite.

    2. Customized a Page's Layout.

    3. Manage Sections in Each Layout.

    4. Design the Content of Each Section.

  • Training Type: Video Tutorials

Industry Expert Sharing from CFA President (Apparel&Textile)


    1. Understanding the U.S. Market for Apparel & Textiles

    2. Successful Entry in the Global Marketplace for Apparel & Textiles

  • Training Type: Video Tutorials


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