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Priority Ranking1st2nd3rd4th
Product PostingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited50
Product Showcases281250
Ability to quote Buying RequestsYYY--
Verified IconYYY--
Customized WebsiteYYY--
Biz Trends - Visitor DataYY----
Personalized Customer ServiceY------
Photo Bank Size5GB3GB1GB10 MB
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Biz Trends - Industry AnalysisYYY--
US $5,999 US $2,999 US $1,399 FREE
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Showcase function is awesome!

"We joined Gold Supplier because it can assure buyers we are credible and gets us more inquires. Moreover, Gold Supplier makes it very easy to contact buyers directly. My favorite benefit is the Showcase function. It shows our products more frequently on the website. It is awesome."

Mr.John Hong

Company: UNIMOM CO
Location: South Korea
Industry: Home&Garden
Gold Supplier member since: 2008

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Priority Ranking

Products from Gold Suppliers will have a better chance of appearing at the top of a buyer's search results.

90% of buyers will view the first 3 search results pages only.

Product Posting

1. Both the quality and quantity of your product postings strongly influence a buyer's intent to purchase.

2. Gold Suppliers can post unlimited products with 6 photos and 3 keywords for each.

Product Showcase

Product Showcase is a ranking function that highlights your products within both your customized website and in a buyer's search results.

Product Showcase - It's good for business to get over 100 times more buyer clicks.

Ability to quote Buying Requests

Gold Suppliers can contact buyers immediately when a new Buying Request is posted. Gold Suppliers also have exclusive access to buyers' contact information.

Over 20,000 new Buying Requests are posted on everyday.

Verified Icon

All Gold Supplier Members must complete an Authentication & Verification process conducted by a third-party provider. This helps you gain immediate trust and recognition as a legitimate and serious trading partner.

Over 85% of buyers prefer to do business with Gold Suppliers only.

Customized Website

Customized website contains:

* Company photos
* Company video
* Company certificates

Personalized Customer Service

* A&V process priority

* One-on-one assistance

* Priority access to promotions

Photo Bank Size

5GB Photo Bank size = 1,500+ product photos (3MB/photo)

3GB Photo Bank size = 1,000+ product photos (3MB/photo)

1GB Photo Bank size = 300+ product photos (3MB/photo)

150MB Photo Bank size = 50 product photos (3MB/photo)


5 sub-accounts come with each Gold Supplier membership and they can be distributed to different employees. This allows you to assign different customer inquiries to different people, as well as monitor the performance of each sub-account.

Biz Trends - My Performance

Biz Trends - My Performance guides you with tips on how to improve your performance on

Biz Trends - Industry Analysis

Biz Trends - Industry Analysis provides overviews of your buyers' and competitors' behavior.