Smile Happy Co., Ltd.

We are the Myanmar Leading Quality Honey Manufacturer since 2007. We are currently partnership with more than 100 beekeepers in Myanmar and export to international markets. We won the highest honey export award by FAO. And also our brand, I M Honey, won the gold medal award for the best honey in Apimonida 2019, Canada. We provide the best quality mono-floral and multi-floral types of honey.

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<ul><li><b>Key products offered:</b></li><p>High Quality Honey</p><li><b>Production capacity:</b></li><p>100,000 Pieces/month</p><li><b>Workforce:</b><p>70 persons</p><li><b>Export experience:</b></li><p>Canada, Japan, Thailand, Saudi Aribia etc.</p><li><b>Social Commitments:</b></li><p>We are operating to develop, strengthen the local skills and sustainability of social-economic and human development of local beekeepers in our country.</p></ul>