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Home Comforts Tea, an Award Winning Brand, packages Leaf Tea, CTC Teas, Orthodox Teas and other products in Loose, Tea Bag and Bulk form, with export experience in China, Pakistan, Egypt, USA and Norway. Globally, there is a growing need for natural tea as a healthy beverage and tea extracts for use as natural tea ingredients in Ready-To-Drink products, instant beverages and beauty products. We are keen to establish supply and collaboration ventures in the consumer sector and in the minerals sector.

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<ul><li><b>Key products offered:</b></li><p>Black Tea, White Tea, Purple Tea, Green Tea, Instant Tea Ingredients, Tea Extracts, Non-food tea products; Gemstones & Minerals</p><li><b>Production capacity:</b></li><p>Packed Tea 5-10tons per month; Bulk Tea 4x20ft containers per month; Minerals per order</p><li><b>Workforce:</b><p>5 persons</p><li><b>Export experience:</b></li><p>China, Egypt, Pakistan, USA, Norway</p><li><b>Social Commitments:</b></li><p>To develop the Value Addition sector in Kenya to support small scale tea farmers, artisanal miners.</p></ul>