Dytech Limited is an innovative export agribusiness which uses highly productive unique double deck ZamHive® beehives to produce 300tons of honey.This honey is organically produced from the untouched ecologically stable pristine Miombo forests teaming with huge colonies of bees against a backdrop of one of the few places still truly wild and natural rural areas of Zambia from 2500 outgrowers.Our honey is branded as SweetHarvest™Pure Honey 100% made by Bees.Its bottled in 250g,350g &500g retailing in 150 shops in Zambia and with 90% exported as bulk in 300kg drums to Europe,Africa and soon to China.Dytech has developed innovation to begin producing Honeyman Cubes™ for tea or coffee as a natural sweetener and Honeyman Sweets™ such as lollipops,candy and lozenges in various flavours such as banana,mango,orange,lemon, ginger, pineapple,cashewnuts and groundnuts.

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