Cb Botanica receives over 120 wholesale inquiries per month on Alibaba.com

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Cb Botanica manufactures CBD products to help consumers naturally improve their health and well-being. The company farm is in Colorado and they control every step of the process, from cultivating to manufacturing. All of Cb Botanica’s products are organically grown as well as being GMO and pesticide free. Third party professionals test their products to assure the highest level of CBD quality and to eliminate any unwanted pesticides or solvents.

Alex and Cristina founded Cb Botanica in 2019. Both have a passion for healthy lifestyles and decided to promote this through high-quality CBD products and educational content. They originally focused on using other ecommerce platforms to sell their products, but they were interested in tapping into the huge demand for CBD on Alibaba.com.


Alex and Cristina were unfamiliar with Alibaba.com and its purpose when they first started Cb Botanica. After doing industry research, their analytics showed the majority of online CBD traffic visiting Alibaba.com. This discovery helped shift their business model from Direct-to-Consumer to Business-to-Business as they became intrigued by the potential to receive larger, wholesale orders. In October 2019, Cb Botanica opened an Alibaba.com storefront.


Cb Botanica is now receiving orders within months of joining Alibaba.com. They have 400 product listed and receive over 120 inquiries any given week. A unique advantage of selling CBD on Alibaba.com is owning customer data. CBD is a booming industry but there are constant changes in the laws and regulations. Buyers need to be informed before every purchase. Alex and Cristina explain that owning their customer relationships and data allows them to “communicate with the buyers and help them through the process.”

Without having to travel or attend trade shows, Cb Botanica is finding new business buyers from around the world. Alex and Cristina explain how Alibaba.com “truly is a 24-hour, 365 trade show... there is nothing else like it.” Prior to Alibaba.com, Cb Botanica was not doing any B2B business. They are now solely focusing on wholesale orders with 80% of their business coming from Alibaba.com.