3 aspects to consider to scale your business

Kwontavious Billingsley FEBRUARY 26, 20205 MIN READ
3 aspects to consider to scale your business

Maximizing sales is a primary goal of every enterprise, and in order to reach your potential there are several techniques that can be employed.


1. Services & products


A key way in which you can increase your sales is to offer flexible services. Buyers have diverse needs, and being able to offer product customization, low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and flexible shipping options can go a long way in helping buyers to meet their requirements.

Range & discounts

Having a wide range of products is important to attracting buyers to your site. Buyers enjoy having a selection to choose from, and it helps to demonstrate the capabilities of your manufacturing facility. In addition, offering discounts, particularly around holidays, can encourage buyers to purchase from you.


2. Customer service

Fast & professional

Make sure you offer high-quality customer service. This means responding quickly and professionally to any correspondence from buyers, such as queries or emails. If buyers feel comfortable that you are responsive and will assist them with any issues then they will feel confident about entering into business with you. Moreover, if you offer reliable customer service as a part of your after-sales services you will be more likely to have repeat customers.


3. Sales team

Focus on developing your sales team, through trainings or new hires, in order to increase your sales.

Existing customers

Your sales team can target existing customers by encouraging repeat purchases, upselling products and cross-selling. In order to achieve this, your sales team needs to ensure they maintain a positive and communicative relationship with your customers. They also need to be knowledgeable about each individual customer to make sure they can recommend products that would be of interest to them.

New customers

In order to win new customers, it is important for your sales team to be pro-active and look for opportunities. A great place to start is by responding to Requests for Quotations (RFQs) from buyers. 



By implementing these techniques, you will have an easier time when it comes to scaling your business. Your e-commerce store can be a top spot for the latest products. Don't forget, as your business grows, your customer service will need to grow with it. Customer service with after-sales service can be an important factor when it comes to gaining more and more customers.